Create and manage VPC on AWS Cloud

Create and manage VPC on AWS Cloud

Create and manage VPC on AWS Cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud | Subnets | Internet Gateway | Route Table

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Instructor(s): Harshit Srivastava



In this course you are going to learn about various Networking components available on AWS VPC console. You will learn to Create and manage your own Virtual Private Cloud on Amazon Web Services.

Virtual Private Cloud or VPC allows you to provision logically isolated sections of AWS cloud. It is comparable to on-premise data store where you have control over all the networking components from subnets, gateways, routing table and much more. VPC is one of the key cloud services on AWS cloud along with Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Identity and Access Management (IAM) and others. Most of the Cloud Professionals working on AWS are expected to be sound enough on VPC, from Solution Architect, Security Professionals and Network Engineers to name a few.

AWS VPC has a significant weightage in most of the AWS certification exams, so if you are focused on VPC you could learn some useful lessons in this course. This course would not cover other AWS services, but will be focused primarily on AWS VPC and configuring various network components.

Here, in this course you will learn the below mentioned topics with hands-on practical examples-

  • Create and configure Amazon VPC

  • Create and add subnets

  • Attach and Detach Internet Gateway to the VPC

  • Create and customize Route Table

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