Creating Digital Art & Minting NFTs For Beginners

Creating Digital Art & Minting NFTs For Beginners

Creating Digital Art & Minting NFTs For Beginners

Get Started Creating Digital Art with Procreate & Minting Non Fungible Tokens on OpenSea

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This is a practical course for beginners to learn a combination of creating Digital Art and the knowledge needed to mint your artwork as an NFT. If you know how to create digital artworks from scratch and how to mint them, you can start selling your very own NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens).

We will start by teaching you how to create digital art illustrations using an Ipad and the program Procreate. Our artistic instructor Rosanne is an illustrator from The Netherlands and has a lot of experience with creating digital artworks. She will share her creative process and the techniques and tools you need to know about to come up with your own artwork. During this course, you will draw along so you will learn how to create your very first illustration.

Our cryptocurrency instructor Greg from Canada will walk us through the next steps like creating our hot wallet and purchasing cryptocurrency in order to mint our Non Fungible Tokens for beginners. We walk you through two different ways to mint your NFTs. The first one is gasless minting using the Polygon MATIC blockchain. The second way is on the Ethereum network, where you will need to pay a one-time gas fee on the OpenSea platform.

The OpenSea platform is the largest NFT platform and we will give you an introduction to how to use it. We will walk you through creating a collection on this platform and minting artworks under your very first collection.

After this course, you will have all the tools you need to start creating your very first artwork and mint it into an NFT.

Creating Digital Art & Minting NFTs For Beginners



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