Creating Our Own Payload

Creating Our Own Payload

Creating Our Own Payload

Learn and understand metasploit from scratch. A complete beginner’s guide to learn ethical hacking.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Md Jahidul Said

Last update: 2020-06-03

What you’ll learn

  • Metasploit Framework and Environment Configurations
  • Payloads and Add-on Modules
  • Adding New Payloads



  • Basic IT Skills
  • PC or Laptop



What is a payload (computing)?

In computing, a payload is the carrying capacity of a packet or other transmission data unit. The term has its roots in the military and is often associated with the capacity of executable malicious code to do damage. The term payload has two meanings: data payload, which is related to the transport of data across a network, and malware payload, which refers to malicious code used to exploit and compromise IT networks and systems.

Payload examples

Here are examples of a data payload and a malware payload:

  • IP packet data payload. An IP packet consists of an Ethernet, IP and TCP header. This information helps the packet adhere to the communication protocol standard and reach its destination on the network. The payload portion of the packet contains the data that a user or device wants to send.

  • Phishing malware payload. In this scenario, a phishing email contains a self-replicating virus stored within a macro of an Excel spreadsheet attachment.

Once delivered and executed, the payload delivery process infects the targeted system — unless there is a malware detection system. A payload can contain of any kind of malware, including ransomware, botnet recruitment, or other types of viruses or worms.

In this course, you will start as a beginner without any previous knowledge about the hacking, the course focuses on the practical side and the theoretical side to ensure that you understand the idea before you apply it.This course is intended for beginners and professionals, if you are a beginner you will start from zero until you become an expert level, and if you are a professional so this course will increase your knowledge about the hacking.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone wants to become an Ethical Hacker/Penetration tester


Course content

  • Creating Payload Guide For Ethical Hackers
    • Metasploit Framework and Environment Configurations
    • Payloads and Add-on Modules – Part 1
    • Payloads and Add-on Modules – Part 2
    • Adding New Payloads – Part 1
    • Adding New Payloads – Part 2
    • Architecture, Environment, and Installation


Creating Our Own PayloadCreating Our Own Payload

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