Creo Parametric | Sketch module | Complete

Creo Parametric | Sketch module | Complete

Creo Parametric | Sketch module | Complete

This training will take you from scratch to a proficient level, where you will be able to bring your ideas into reality.

Language: english

Note: 0/5 (0 notes) 75 students

Instructor(s): DeScien | Empowering engineers

Creo Parametric | Sketch module | Complete



DeScien has covered ‘each and every point of Creo parametric 2.0 in-depth which is needed to work as a design engineer. Here in this training course, we will be covering 4 modules i.e.

Sketch module | 3D Part modeling module | Assembly module | Drafting module

Along with software training, you will also learn additional topics which are mentioned below –

In Sketch module (Selected module)-

§ Understanding & the importance of constraints while creating a 2D sketch.

§ Logic of How to start, build & correct any kind of sketches.

In 3D Part modeling module-

§ The proficient approach of building 3D models, Assembly & engineering drawing.

§ Various kind of Holes with their symbol & meaning which is needed for manufacturing & assembly.

§ Exercise’s to help you build your 3D visualization.

§ Deep understanding of ‘Angle of projection’ & its application on how to use it in engineering drawing.

In Assembly module-

§ Understand the approach of “How to start working on assembly & creation of assembly of any real-time product”.

§ Exercises which will help to understand the application of 2 main types of assembly, when & where to use it.

In Drawing module-

§ Basic & clear understanding of – Section view | Detailed view | Orthographic view | Auxiliary view.

§ Knowledge of various types of dimensions while creating engineering drawings.

§ Concept of Bill of material & Balloons.

§ Everything you need to know about – Tolerances | Fits with real-time examples.

§ Meaning & logic of Symbols for – Surface finish | weld types | welding methods.

Selected course having sketch module. ( We have uploaded each module separately)

“Industry-based projects” to boost your thinking & proficiency in Software handling.

Creo Parametric | Sketch module | Complete



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