Crypto Masterclass: Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse

Crypto Masterclass: Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse

Crypto Masterclass: Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse

Learn everything you need to know about cryptos, altcoins, bitcoin, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse, investing, and much more!

Language: english

Note: 4.3/5 (156 notes) 25,583 students

Instructor(s): Meta Brains

Last update: 2022-06-07

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the meaning of blockchain and the blockchain technology operation extensively
  • Learn about the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and how it works
  • Learn about standard terms used when discussing cryptos and blockchain in real-life business situations
  • Learn all you need to know about trading, mining, and how they work
  • Learn about Bitcoin concerning the economy, how Bitcoin gets its value, and the mechanics behind Bitcoin exchanges
  • Learn about wallets, how they work, why you need them, and the different types of wallets available
  • The course teaches how to apply the blockchain technology to practical, real-world scenarios
  • The course is structured and optimized to be understandable by beginners and experts alike
  • The lessons in this course will teach you numerous strategies and tactics that would hasten your success if you decide to go into Bitcoin



  • Willingness to learn how Cryptos and the blockchain work, and some of the best ways it could be beneficial to the common man in their everyday life.
  • Readiness, flexibility, and passion for learning.



Cryptos are taking over the digital currency sector by storm, with digital currencies already being termed the money of the future. Many traders take advantage of Bitcoin to earn passive income and diversify their investments in the process.

By taking this course, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and the blockchain which will teach you how Cryptos fit into the whole digital currency story.

Firstly, you’ll start by learning the general introduction to money and the background and history of Bitcoin. Then you’ll get to know about how Bitcoin, Altcoins, NFTs, Defi, and the Metaverse all work, and why the term “blockchain” always gets thrown around whenever you hear about Cryptos.

This course will extend to teaching you all you need to know about mining and trading. You’ll get to learn different strategies and tactics that will help you build, grow & protect your wealth over time. By taking this course, you’ll also learn how Cryptos impact the economy of a nation as a whole.

The course instructors are professionals who are well versed in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Using their wealth of experience in cryptocurrency, these instructors will introduce you to cryptocurrencies, using Bitcoin as a case study.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about the relevance of Crypto wallets, the different types of wallets, and how to use them. If you’re worried that your Altcoins will be unspendable after accumulation, this course will also explain how to exchange your Cryptos for valuable services.


Who this course is for

  • This course is suitable for beginners who are willing to learn or extend their knowledge about Cryptos and the Blockchain technology.
  • This course is ideal for entrepreneurs who are willing to know how Bitcoin and Blockchain affect the business world and expand their investments using bitcoin and blockchain.


Course content

  • The History of Money
    • Introduction
    • Brief History of Money
    • The barter system
    • Cowry shells: A form of currency
    • The Gold Standard
    • The importance of trust
    • Characteristics of money
    • Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar Over Time
  • The Mysterious Birth of Bitcoin
    • The 2008 global meltdown
    • The birth of Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin’s white paper
    • Genesis block & Block one
  • Understanding Bitcoin
    • Definition of Bitcoin
    • Characteristics of Bitcoin
    • How does Bitcoin work?
    • Demystifying a bitcoin transaction
    • Steps of Bitcoin Transaction
    • Bitcoin and the double spending problem
  • Mining Bitcoin
    • Introduction
    • Bitcoin halving
    • Halving cycles
    • Mining terminology
    • Bitcoin Mining Machines
    • Hash power
    • Hash rate
    • Hash function
    • Hash Values
    • The Mining Process
    • How to mine bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin & The Economy
    • Introduction
    • Bitcoin as an alternative to the traditional financial systems
    • Forces of Demand and Supply
    • Bitcoin markets (exchanges)
  • The Blockchain Technology
    • Introduction
    • Bitcoin vs. Blockchain
    • Definition of Blockchain
    • Cryptographic hash, timestamp & transaction data
    • Bitcoin Addresses
    • Block Height
    • Block Rewards
    • Encryption & Decryption
    • Private and Public Keys
  • Bitcoin Wallets
    • Introduction
    • Hot wallet vs. Cold wallet
    • Software wallets
    • Hardware wallets
    • Paper wallets
  • Adoption of Bitcoin
    • Introduction
    • El Salvador’s adoption of bitcoin
  • Conclusion (Bitcoin Part)
    • Conclusion
  • Introduction to Altcoins
    • Welcome to Section 2 of the Course!
    • Setting up the ground
  • Crypto terminologies
    • Altcoin
    • Bitcoin
  • Technical analysis of basic definitions
    • All-time high
    • All-time low
    • Up-trends
    • Down-trends
    • Ranges
    • Resistance
    • Support
    • Bull markets
    • Bear markets
  • Investment strategies basics
    • DCA – Dollar Cost Averaging
    • Bags
    • HODL- Hold On for Dear Life
    • Buying the Dips
    • Shorting the Pumps
    • ICOs
  • Getting started with cryptos
    • Basic online resources for Altcoins
    • Trustworthy Crypto Exchanges
  • Altcoin Categories
    • Stablecoins (USDT, USDC etc.)
    • Exchange-based Tokens (BNB, FTT, etc.)
    • Meme Coins (DOGE, SHIB, ELON, etc.)
    • Metaverse Coins (MANA, SAND, APE, etc.)
    • Privacy Coins (XMR, ZEC, etc.)
    • AI and Big data (GRT, OCEAN, FET, etc.)
    • Gaming (MANA, APE, AXS, etc.)
    • Sports ( CHZ, CITY, PSG, etc.)
  • Defi Investment Strategies and Yield Farming
    • Introduction to Defi and Yield Farming
    • Becoming a yield farmer
    • Risks associated to yield farming
    • Successful due diligence before venturing into yield farming
    • The Yield Farming Coin Index
  • Don’t miss out on this $1T Metaverse opportunity
    • Introduction to the metaverse
    • Why metaverse coins are so hot right now?
    • Opportunities in the metaverse
    • Becoming a millionaire with the metaverse
  • Introduction to NFTs
    • What are NFTs?
    • Relationship between cryptos and NFTs
    • How NFTs owners are making millions?
    • What you should consider when investing in NFTs?
  • Successful Investment strategies
    • Building a well-balanced crypto portfolio
    • Blue-chip DCA
    • Large, mid, and Microcap cryptos and risks associated
    • Token economics
    • Technical analysis
    • Making investment decisions
  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion


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