Cryptocurrency trading & stock investing

Cryptocurrency trading & stock investing

Cryptocurrency trading & stock investing

Everything I use to enter profitable trades and Invest in the right companies at the right time

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Walid Torfa

Last update: 2022-04-17

What you’ll learn

  • The trader psychology
  • learn charts analysis
  • learn how to place correct resistance and support lines on the chart
  • learn how to detect trends and patterns
  • learn the most important candle stick shapes
  • learn how to use fibonacci ratios in trading
  • learn about EMAs
  • learn about volume, entry points, fake breakout
  • learn some high winning ratio strategies and RSI divergence
  • learn about the stock market
  • learn about P/E and P/B ratios
  • how to invest correctly and find good entry points
  • mandatory researches before buying a stock



  • no prior experience is needed for this course.
  • Even if you know the basics this course will help to get to the next level.



I started trading in 2015 and after 7+ years and tons of losses and winnings I decided that I would like to share my knowledge with the people who are interested in having a better lifestyle, and then I found udemy which is the perfect platform to do so. Because of their advanced marketing algorithm, they are able to connect every instructor with the correct audiences who are interested in what he is offering.

So we started the course by talking about the most important thing while trading which is the psychology that every trader should and have the importance of controlling your emotions! After that, we dive into the Technical Analysis (TA) starting of by talking about the support and resistance lines. Then, the patterns and trends. After that, we talked about one of the most important tools to use while trading which is the Fibonacci retracement, and some important candlestick shape that you can be used to identify a reversal pattern. Then, I taught you about the indicators that I personally use to make profitable trades which are the RSI, Volume, and EMA. Finally, I made a video combining everything we learned to analyze and predict the future movement of Bitcoin.

after that, I gave you some important notes that you should keep in mind before investing in a company stock, and how to find some big potential stocks.


Who this course is for

  • people who want to start in the crypto/stocks markets


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Psychology and terminology
  • Technical analysis
    • Support and Resistance
    • Trends and Patterns
    • Candles and Fibonacci
    • Indicators ( RSI, EMA , Volume )
    • Combine Everything We Learned
    • Important !
  • Stocks Investing
    • Choose the correct stock and enter at the right time
    • find stocks before it goes up


Cryptocurrency trading & stock investingCryptocurrency trading & stock investing


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