Csi ETABS in the Structural analysis of 15 stories+ basement

Csi ETABS in the Structural analysis of 15 stories+ basement

Csi ETABS in the Structural analysis of 15 stories+ basement

Analysis and design of 15 stories and one basement R.C Building on ETABS and SAFE software including earthquake design.

Language: english

Note: 4.5/5 (70 notes) 5,879 students

Instructor(s): Ahmad Traboulsi

Last update: 2021-07-14

What you’ll learn

  • Structural design of R.C building from A to Z included all structural element (columns, beams, slabs, shear walls, earthquake and wind design, how we can determine the dimensions of the elements)



  • Have little information about structural design



This course not just a tutorial on software ETABS but it is a complete understanding about structural design analysis, how civil engineer must begin with the project, how he/she must think, how we can determine the dimension of the element before modeling them check it in the software. In this course we will design a 15 stories of a residential buildings, within the work we will define and design all types of slabs such as (waffle slab, one way ribbed slab, two way ribbed slab, flat slab and solid slab), earthquake with static and dynamic case, wind loads, columns and beams and shear walls


Who this course is for

  • Beginner and expert civil engineer


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Introduction part 2 waffle slab type 1 definition and thickness determination
    • Introduction part 2 Waffle Slab type 2
    • Introduction part 2 One Way Ribbed Slab and hidden beams
    • Introduction part 2 Flat Slab
    • Introduction part 2 solid slab and drop beams
  • ETABS software
    • Define number of stories, heights, and grids on Etabs
    • Define Materials
    • Define Sections
    • Shear Walls Drawings and Pier Labels assign
    • Retaining Walls Drawing
    • Columns Drawing
    • Beams Drawing
    • Stairs Drawing method 1
    • Stairs Drawing method 2
    • Slabs Drawing
    • Meshing of Slabs and Walls
    • Supports Modeling
    • Define Loads on Slabs
    • Loads on the beams
    • Define Earthquake Loads static method
    • Define Earthquake Loads Dynamic case
    • Define Wind Loads
    • Define Diaphragms
    • Define mass source
    • Define modal cases
    • Define stiffness modifiers
    • Check the model
    • Define loads combinations
    • Center of mass and center of rigidity
    • Scale earthquake loads
    • Check story displacement
    • Check story drift
    • Columns design
    • Shear wall design
    • Beams and slabs design
    • Import dxf Autocad file in ETABS
    • Course Problems and Students Understand


Csi ETABS in the Structural analysis of 15 stories+ basement

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