CSI ETABSV19 steel structure analysis and design

CSI ETABSV19 steel structure analysis and design

CSI ETABSV19 steel structure analysis and design

Structural analysis and design of a steel Hangar structure

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Ahmad Traboulsi

Last update: 2021-07-14

What you’ll learn

  • Structural design of steel structure analysis and design



  • General civil engineering knowledge



This course not just a tutorial on software ETABS but it is a complete understanding about structural design analysis, how civil engineer must begin with the project, how he/she must think, how we can determine the dimension of the element before modeling them check it in the software. In this course we will a “Hangar” steel structure with all steel structural element

Rafters; Columns; Truss; Top Chord; Bottom Chord; Internal elements; Rail Sides; Beams; Wind Columns; Wind Beams; Bracing; Beam connection; Column connection; Purlins.

In this course you will learn how to choose the best section of each type of steel structural element using in the Hangar.

You will show how to design the Hangar structure using American Code AISC

You will learn how to design steel structure “Hangar” under lateral loads “wind loads”

In this course we will show the different standard steel sections I Section (HP, M, S, W); C-Shape; Angle Sections; and Pipes sections we will show how we can model and using these different structural steel sections how you define them and design + check the capacity of these sections

The dimensions and properties for structural sections commonly used in steel building structure design and construction are given in this course in addition to all design consideration and  proper material availability and specification according the AISC code.


Who this course is for

  • Beginner and Expert


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Define grids
    • Define Materials
    • Define Sections
  • Modeling
    • Draw column-beams Frame
    • Groups
    • Modeling the Rails
    • Assign Support and modeling
    • Draw Purlings Roof beams
    • Bracing Modeling
    • Draw Wind Columns
    • Define Dead and Snow Loads
    • Define Wind Load
  • Analysis and Design
    • Animation and Loads display
    • Design
    • Connection Design
  • Detailing
    • Generate Detailing drawings and schedules
  • Safe design foundation
    • Design foundation in CSI Safe
    • Course Problems and Students Understand


CSI ETABSV19 steel structure analysis and designCSI ETABSV19 steel structure analysis and design

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