CSS Selector & XPath Masterclass

CSS Selector & XPath Masterclass

CSS Selector & XPath Masterclass

Master All The Techniques To Select Web Elements With CSS Selectors & XPath

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Instructor(s): Rahul Mula

Last update: 2022-04-05

What you’ll learn

  • Select web elements using CSS Tag name/Type, Class, Id and Attribute-Value selectors.
  • Write XPath Expressions to select web elements based on their structure and tag name
  • Use CSS Operators like Starts-with, Ends-with and Contains to select attribute values dynamically.
  • Select web elements using XPath Attribute-Value selectors
  • Select web elements using CSS Parent, Child, Descendant & Sibling selectors.
  • Build XPath Conditions using different operators to create logical selectors
  • Use Special CSS selectors like not( ), nth-child( ), etc. to create efficient selectors.
  • Use XPath Functions to query attribute values (starts-with( ), contains( ), etc. a specific value), select innerText, and use value processor functions.



  • HTML & CSS Basics


CSS Selector & XPath MasterclassCSS Selector & XPath Masterclass


This course is all about selecting web elements with CSS Selectors & XPath!

When learning about the basic CSS Selectors or XPath, we learn about the tag name selectors, class selectors, id selectors, and that’s it. Most of the web elements can be selected using the selectors mentioned before, but in a real-world project, there is always a demand for more. A better way to do the task i.e. select web elements.

So it’s time you up your game of web element selection and learn about the cool selectors which you’ve never heard of. Whether you want to use CSS Selectors, XPath, or both, after taking this course you’ll write selectors which are accurate, concise, and easy to understand!

As I mentioned at the top, this course is all about SELECTORS! Here’s an overview of what we will cover,

  • CSS Selectors

    • Tagname/Type

    • Class & Id

    • Attribute-Value

    • Hierarchy (Parent, Sibling & Child)

    • starts-with Operator

    • ends-with Operator

    • contains Operator

    • not Function

    • first-child, last-child, or only-child

    • nth-child or Element Position

    • Pseudo Elements

    • Element States

  • XPath

    • Absolute & Relative Path

    • Tagname/Type

    • Position or Index

    • Attribute-Value

    • starts-with( ) Function

    • contains( ) Function

    • Mathematical Operators

    • Conditional Operators

    • Axes ( ancestor, parent, sibling, child, or descendant )

    • Element Position

    • Child Element Count

    • Processor Function ( like round( ), translate( ), etc.)

To show the full potential of each selector, it is introduced with a use case in a real-world example, so that everything fits into place in your mind. You’ll be able to decide which selector to use when in your projects.

Now whether you build web-scrapers to scrape data from websites, front-end developer looking to master CSS Selectors, or use web automation/testing frameworks, if you’re selecting web elements from websites either using CSS, XPath, or both – you should take this course to take your web selection to the next level!


Who this course is for

  • Developers who are looking to Master CSS Selectors/XPath for Web Scraping
  • People working with Web Automation/Testing frameworks like Selenium
  • Front-end developers who wants to Master CSS selectors


Course content

  • CSS Selectors
    • CSS Selectors
    • Tagname Selectors
    • Selecting two or more elements
  • Class & Id Selectors
    • Selecting Elements by class
    • Selecting two or more classes
    • Tagname with classes
    • Id Selectors
  • Hierarchy
    • Descendants
    • Direct Children
    • Following Siblings
    • Next Sibling
  • Attributes
    • Element Attributes
    • Attributes Value Starts-with and Ends-with
    • Attributes Value Contains
    • not( ) function
  • Position
    • First and Last Child
    • nth-child( )
    • nth-child( ) Patterns
    • only-child Selector
  • States & Pseudo Elements
    • Elements states
    • input States
    • Visited Links
    • Pseudo Elements
  • XPath Selectors
    • XPath
    • Chrome Dev Tools (Testing XPath)
    • Absolute and Relative Paths
    • Tagname Selectors
    • Element Position
  • Attributes
    • Element attributes
    • text( )
    • starts-with( )
    • contains( )
  • XPath Operators
    • Mathematical operators
    • Conditional Operators
    • Joining Conditions
    • Joining Expressions
  • Parent-Child Selectors
    • Child and Descendants
    • Parent and Ancestors
    • Following elements
    • Preceding Siblings
  • XPath Functions
    • position( )
    • count( )
    • Mathematical functions
    • normalize-space( )
    • string-length( )
    • substring-after( ) and substring-before( )
    • translate( )
    • Bonus Lecture


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