Data Science: Python for Data Analysis 2022 Full Bootcamp

Data Science: Python for Data Analysis 2022 Full Bootcamp

Data Science: Python for Data Analysis 2022 Full Bootcamp

Learn and build your Python Programming skills from the ground up in addition to Python Data Science libraries and tools

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (995 notes) 121,385 students

Instructor(s): Ahmed Ibrahim

Last update: 2021-08-27

What you’ll learn

  • Code with Python Programming Language
  • Python Functional Programming
  • Structure Data using collection containers
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Advanced Python Foundations
  • Handling Data with Python Libraries
  • Numerical Python
  • Extracting and Analyzing data from different resources
  • Data Analysis with Pandas
  • Data Visualization using matplotlib
  • Advanced Visualization with Seaborn
  • Build Python solutions for data science
  • Get Instructor QA Support and help



  • No Python prior experience is required to take this Training
  • Computer and Internet access



Hello and welcome to Data Science: Python for Data Analysis 2022 Full Bootcamp.

Data science is a huge field, and one of the promising fields that is spreading in a fast way. Also, it is one of the very rewarding, and it is increasing in expansion day by day, due to its great importance and benefits, as it is the future.

Data science enables companies to measure, track, and record performance metrics for facilitating and enhancing decision making. Companies can analyze trends to make critical decisions to engage customers better, enhance company performance, and increase profitability.

And the employment of data science and its tools depends on the purpose you want from them.

For example, using data science in health care is very different from using data science in finance and accounting, and so on. And I’ll show you the core libraries for data handling, analysis and visualization which you can use in different areas.

One of the most powerful programming languages ​​that are used for Data science is Python, which is an easy, simple and very powerful language with many libraries and packages that facilitate working on complex and different types of data.

This course will cover:

  • Python tools for Data Analysis

  • Python Basics

  • Python Fundamentals

  • Python Object-Oriented

  • Advanced Python Foundations

  • Data Handling with Python

  • Numerical Python(NumPy)

  • Data Analysis with Pandas

  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib

  • Advanced Graphs with Seaborn

  • Instructor QA Support and Help

HD Video Training + Working Files + Resources + QA Support.

In this course, you will learn how to code in Python from the beginning and then you will master how to deal with the most famous libraries and tools of the Python language related to data science, starting from data collection, acquiring and analysis to visualize data with advanced techniques, and based on that, the necessary decisions are taken by companies.

I am Ahmed Ibrahim, a software engineer and Instructor and I have taught more than 200,000 engineers and developers around the world in topics related to programming languages ​​and their applications, and in this course, we will dive deeply into the core Python fundamentals, Advanced Foundations, Data handling libraries, Numerical Python, Pandas, Matplotlib and finally Seaborn.

I hope that you will join us in this course to master the Python language for data analysis and Visualization like professionals in this field.

We have a lot to cover in this course.

Let’s get started!


Who this course is for

  • Python beginners and newbies
  • Data Scientist who knows other language tools
  • New Python Data Analysts
  • Data Science Beginners
  • New developers and Programmers
  • Programmers and developers who know other programming language but are new to python
  • Anyone who wants to use Python for data analysis and visualization in a short time!


Course content

  • Mastering Python, Data Handling, Analysis and Visualization
    • Welcome to Mastering Python, Data Handling, Analysis and Visualization
    • Download and Install the working tools
    • Jupyter Overview + Markdown in Jupyter tutorial
    • Using Jupyter Notebook for coding with Python
    • Using Anaconda Prompt
    • Quiz 1
  • The Basics of Python
    • Variables and Types Tutorial
    • Describe what’s inside the code
    • Define Blocks and Avoid IndentationError
    • Strings full tutorial
    • Numbers, Math and f-string tutorial
    • Handling inputs and outputs
    • Quiz 2
  • Python Data Structures
    • Structure Data using lists
    • Structure data using tuples
    • Structure Data using Dictionaries
    • Structure Data using sets
    • Quiz 3
  • The Fundamentals of Python
    • Comparing Values
    • Output from Logics
    • Conditional Statements
    • The while loop in Python
    • The for loop in Python
    • Python Library Functions
    • User-Defined Functions
    • The lambda power
    • The break statement
    • The continue statement
    • The for else statement
    • Program to Put all together
    • Quiz 4
  • OOP in Python
    • Core Python OOP: Classes and Instances
    • Core Python OOP: Exploring Inheritance
    • Quiz 5
  • Advanced Foundations
    • Concise Comprehensions
    • Constructed modules and random
    • Doing mathematics
    • Doing statistics
    • Errors Exploration
    • Exceptions Playground
    • Quiz 6
  • Python Data Handling
    • IO data in memory
    • Interacting with operating system data
    • Moving data files between directories
    • Data will be in the trash bin
    • Zipping and Unzipping Data
    • Quiz 7
  • Numerical Python – NumPy
    • NumPy Level 1
    • NumPy Level 2
    • NumPy Level 3
    • NumPy Level 4
    • NumPy Level 5
    • NumPy Level 6
    • NumPy Level 7
    • NumPy Level 8
    • NumPy Level 9
    • Quiz 8
  • Analyze Data with Pandas
    • Pandas data analysis level 1
    • Pandas data analysis level 2
    • Pandas data analysis level 3
    • Pandas data analysis level 4
    • Pandas data analysis level 5
    • Pandas data analysis level 6
    • Quiz 9
  • Visualize Data with Matplotlib
    • Matplotlib data visualization level 1
    • Matplotlib data visualization level 2
    • Matplotlib data visualization level 3
    • Matplotlib data visualization level 4
    • Matplotlib data visualization level 5
    • Matplotlib data visualization level 6
    • Matplotlib data visualization level 7
    • Quiz 10
  • Advanced Data graphs with Seaborn
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 1
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 2
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 3
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 4
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 5
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 6
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 7
    • Seaborn statistical graphs level 8
  • Resources
    • Python Programming
    • NumPy
    • Pandas
    • Matplotlib
    • Seaborn
    • Bonus


Data Science: Python for Data Analysis 2022 Full BootcampData Science: Python for Data Analysis 2022 Full Bootcamp

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