Dealing with Change

Dealing with Change

Dealing with Change

Managing people’s reactions to Change

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (4 notes) 203 students

Instructor(s): Julian Vlach



The axiom “Change is the only constant truth of life” has been quoted several times and all organization believe it to be the mantra for growth, profitability and sustainability.

Therefore it is imperative that change happens in a structured and constructive manner.

This workshop is aimed to provide an overview of change cycle through different steps and solution optimistically using aided tools. You will see benefits such as:

Shifts that the organization needs to make for the changing context therefore the ensure success in process and people

The changing context and the key challenges before it happens

The cours will help you to:

  • Provide an understanding of the response to change through Kubler-Ross Model Change Cycle with a brief description of each step

  • Comprehend the STAR Model to carry out change impact assessment

  • Identify key activities & roles needed to deliver a change and to prepare a good plan for change implementation

  • Use ways to engage and involve people during the change process through different types of engagement meetings

  • Get an understanding of the tools and checklists to support segments

  • Get an understanding of the concepts of evaluating the post delivery phase

  • Shape the organization’s commitment towards building the capability of line managers to meet these expectations through a series of programs. Line managers can drive the change as per organization’s expectations


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