Dealing with Stress- Managing anxiety, anger and frustration

Dealing with Stress- Managing anxiety, anger and frustration

Dealing with Stress- Managing anxiety, anger and frustration

Make yourself Stress free-Overcome Stress, learn to manage Anxiety, Anger and feelings of Frustration

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Dr Priyanka Anand

Last update: 2021-05-04

What you’ll learn

  • How to manage Stress & overcome psychological issues like anxiety, anger and frustration



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Introduction: Stress is one of the biggest problems in our lives, the problems in life are complex and excessive stress is causing severe burnout and neurological issues. We all face various types of stress at all times, our life seems complicated and we are mostly unable to cope with whatever is going on around us. Most of the time we don’t even realize that we are undergoing stress. In our effort to resolve our issues we are neglecting our mental health. By the time we realize we are stressed it is too late to do anything. The time is out of our hands and we are trying to do damage control. If you examine most people are going to doctors to treat lifestyle illnesses like Arterial blockage, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight issues, cervical pain, backache, cholesterol, thyroid, and heart ailments.

Most of the above ailments are psychosomatic and can be avoided if we resolve our psychological issues and alleviate stress before letting it harm us. Stress is a negative emotion and if we experience stress for a long time, it can ruin our lives.

About the course: This course is a capsule to help us identify our levels of stress, it gives basic insights into stress, causes, triggers, and factors impacting our lives. It trains the individual to build a mechanism to deal with stress and install plug-in’s to not let the situation, circumstances, or problems impact mental and physical core. It enables you to identify anxiety, causes, and effect of anxiety and teaches basic actions to overcome anxiety. The course also dwells on one of the biggest responses to stress which is anger, it helps us to identify anger symptoms, causes and informs about techniques to deal with anger. The course covers the impact of frustration, which is mostly a hidden element in our persona and is rarely identified by people. The course provides effective, simple tips, tricks, and techniques to deal with these issues.

Impact of the course: The course trains an individual to effectively condition the psyche, the mind, and the body to feel free, relaxed, happy, and calm. It makes a person understand and interpret their own mental and physical issues and devices personalized efforts to deal with them. It empowers the person the choose freedom over bondage from stress, its causes, and its impact. It strengthens the inner core and makes us discover happiness and coping mechanisms.

Conclusion: This course is a must-do for all individuals, of all age groups, it is extremely effective, free and also essential for your inner development. It is a key to unlock your hidden potential and live a happy fulfilling life.


Who this course is for

  • Everyone


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Short story on Stress
    • What is Stress?
    • Stress Management-Quiz
    • ARE YOU UNDERGOING STRESS ? -Identify it
    • What’s causing your Stress? -Triggers and problems
    • Breathing Technique to reduce immediate/sudden stress
    • How to deal with Stress effectively
    • How to identify & cope with Anxiety ?
    • How to manage and overcome ANGER ?
    • What is causing Frustration in your life ?
    • Walk your path to a happy fulfilling life
    • Become Stress free
    • Be happy inside out, add value to others and live a winning LIFE



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