Different Types of Journaling (with prompts!)

Different Types of Journaling (with prompts!)

Different Types of Journaling (with prompts!)

Find a journaling method that suits you!

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Instructor(s): Gurupma Singh


Within this journaling course, we’ll take you through the various most common journaling types so you can find a journaling method that suits you. We’ll briefly go through the pros and cons of the different journaling methods and we’ll finish off with over 100+ prompts that can help you to get started with journaling!

This course was created by the G Team and the voiceover was done by Gurupma Singh. The mission of the G Team is to create a world where young people wake up excited knowing that they have the knowledge, skills and resources to work on their dreams effectively.

Journaling has proven to be a very effective method of personal development as it allows individuals to gain higher levels of personal insight so they can take better actions within their life.

Alongside creating video courses, the G Team also has a community in which we have a weekly journaling club. This is to help people build the habit of journaling. It’s also the perfect place to meet other people who are working on their personal development. In the near future we’ll also be starting a book club which you can join through our community. Our community is open to all students and recent graduates.


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