Docker Essentials

Docker Essentials

Docker Essentials

Learn Hands-on Containerization and Orchestration with Docker Ecosystem (Docker, Compose and Swarm)

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (6,571 notes) 87,314 students

Instructor(s): Cerulean Canvas

Last update: 2019-12-25

What you’ll learn

  • In-depth understanding of containers and Docker.
  • Use Docker on Development and/or Production Environment with help of in-depth labs.
  • Get clarity of concepts and will be able to avoid common misconceptions regarding containers with hand-crafted quizzes.
  • Use Docker CLI efficiently
  • Create custom Docker images using Dockerfiles
  • Manage your own Docker hub repository along with images
  • Work with Docker Networks and Storage provisions
  • Create and Run Multi-container applications using Docker Compose
  • Manage Docker Swarm Clusters



  • Basic knowledge of Linux OS and Linux Command line.



This Course takes you on a wonderful journey of learning Containers using key components of Docker Ecosystem. All you need is very basic knowledge of Linux fundamentals like files and processes along with a bit of Linux command line.

By the end of this course, you will be able to understand and appreciate Containers and Docker like a thorough enthusiast and work with them like a pro!

This Course is furnished with:

  • A carefully arranged and creatively illustrated sequence of topics starting with basic web applications and leading to cluster level container orchestration with swarm,

  • In-depth breakdown of Docker Ecosystem specific files like Dockerfile and Docker Compose file,

  • More than 30 Demonstrations of Docker command line, files and applications.

  • 7 Quizzes to test your understanding and correct yourself if needed!


Who this course is for

  • IT Students, Professionals and Teachers
  • DevOps Engineers and Enthusiasts
  • System Admins
  • Software Engineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Software Developers


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Course Outline
    • Introduction to Web Applications
    • Demo: Creating Simple Web Application
    • Forests of Servers
    • Introducing Containers
    • Introducing Docker
    • Demo: Installing Docker on Linux
    • Demo: Running Nginx webserver as a Container
    • Quiz 1: Web Applications and Containers
  • Docker Architecture and Dockerfiles
    • Stages of Containerization
    • Architecture and Components of Docker
    • A quick look at the format of Dockerfile
    • Demo: Dockerfile – Fundamental Instructions
    • Demo: Dockerfile – Configuration Instructions
    • Demo: Dockerfile – Expose Instructions
    • Note for the upcoming Apache demo
    • Demo: Containerizing application with Dockerfile
    • Quiz 2: Docker Architecture and Dockerfile
  • Docker Images and Containers
    • Introduction to Docker Images
    • Demo: A quick look at Docker Hub
    • Demo: Working with Docker Images | Search, List, Push, Pull
    • Demo: Know your Docker Image | Inspect and History
    • Demo: Pruning and Removing Images
    • A Container is born!
    • Demo: Container Run Vs Create
    • Demo: Working with Containers | Start, Stop and Rename
    • Demo: Attach and execute commands on a running container
    • Demo: Port Mapping on Containers
    • Demo: Erasing Containers
    • Docker Images and Containers Quiz
  • Docker Networks: Connecting Containers
    • Multi-container Applications
    • Introduction to Container Networking Model and Docker Network Drivers
    • Docker’s Native Network Drivers
    • Demo: Working with Docker Networks
    • Demo: Connect, Disconnect and Inspect Networks
    • Docker Networks Quiz
  • Docker Storage: Never lose a “bit” of your data!
    • Docker Storage and When to use it
    • Demo: Working with Volumes | Create, List and Remove Volumes
    • Demo: Mounting Volumes to Containers
    • Docker Storage Quiz
  • Docker Compose
    • Introduction to Docker Compose
    • Demo: Installing Docker Compose on Linux
    • Demo: Structure of Docker Compose file
    • Demo: Running WordPress-MySQL using Docker Compose
    • Demo: Docker Compose Command Line
    • Docker Compose Quiz
  • Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm
    • Introduction to Orchestration and Docker Swarm
    • Can Swarm handle failure?
    • Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 1) | Installing Virtualbox on Linux
    • Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 2) | Installing Docker Machine
    • Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 3) | Setting up Nodes
    • Demo: Swarm Setup (Part 4) | Initializing Swarm
    • Demo: Working with Swarm | List and Inspect Nodes
    • Demo: Creating a Service on Swarm
    • Demo: Draining a Node on Swarm
    • Demo: Scaling and Updating Services on Swarm
    • Docker Swarm Quiz
    • Bonus Lecture: DCA Exam Preparation Test
  • Docker Essentials: Update
    • Docker GUI with Kitematic


Docker EssentialsDocker Essentials


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