Drawing Funny Character In Photoshop Vol. 3

Drawing Funny Character In Photoshop Vol. 3

Drawing Funny Character In Photoshop Vol. 3

Drawing Funny Character In Photoshop 3

Language: english

Note: 4.3/5 (3 notes) 615 students  New course 

Instructor(s): Amir Rahimi Varzeghani

Last update: 2022-04-08

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the drawing art
  • Draw funny characters
  • Underestand fast shading of character face
  • learn to be more creative in drawing



  • Digital Painting Software like photoshop
  • Drawing Tablet with Stylus
  • Paper
  • Pencil



Join over 1000 learning students and start gaining the drawing skills you’ve always wanted.

Hello, in this course, I tried to provide you with various and very useful content by using very interesting techniques.

Character design is one of the most fascinating topics in digital painting and has many enthusiasts.

There are many different methods offered by different professors, but in this lesson, I tried to teach you a special method for face design.

In this course, you will find the skill of putting colors, shadows, and lights, the brother of the created character.

I designed this course so that you can enjoy drawing a character a lot and you can increase your creativity in creating the character you want.

These are the things you will learn in this course:

  • First, you will learn how to draw the main body of the character, and also you will be taught to paint it and use light and shadows on it.

  • After that, I draw different parts of the face, including the mouth, nose, ears, eyes, eyebrows, and hair

  • Then you will learn to mix colors and blends, and small adjustments will be made in different sections to create more harmony between the components of the face and hair.

  • You will also learn to change colors, which will be applied in the form of color changes on clothes or hair

  • After the character is drawn, everything will be done interestingly, and by metaphorizing the surface, by changing the various components, which will include the eyes, the nose, the eyebrows, the mouth, and the clothes, the character will completely become another character.

I look forward to seeing you in the many educational collections that I will produce, and in these collections, I will teach you great things to make you a very capable person in the field of creating works of art.

These are the titles of the things you will learn in this course

  • Character drawing 01

  • Character drawing 02

  • Character drawing 03

  • Character drawing 04

I hope you enjoyed watching this round and learned a lot


Who this course is for

  • All people who are interested in art and drawing
  • All people who want to enjoy drawing
  • All people are looking for a powerful way to learn drawing
  • All people are looking for a very simple way to draw


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Section 2
    • Drawing character 1
    • Drawing character 2
    • Drawing character 3
    • Drawing character 4


Drawing Funny Character In Photoshop Vol. 3Drawing Funny Character In Photoshop Vol. 3


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