Effective Time Management For A Productivity Boost

Effective Time Management For A Productivity Boost

Effective Time Management For A Productivity Boost

Effective time management, scheduling, and task management for professionals and entrepreneurs

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Instructor(s): Alex Genadinik

Last update: 2022-07-19

What you’ll learn

  • Time-tested and proven time management techniques for 2022
  • Become better at scheduling
  • Take unimportant things OUT of your schedule
  • Follow your schedule better, and get more important tasks done, moving your life and projects decidedly forward
  • Get better at choosing the important things to pursue in life and work
  • Become more efficient with your business/work/school



  • I hope you are excited to try the ideas in this course
  • This course is great if you have days where you feel like you didn’t do enough to move your life forward. We’ll fix that for you!



This course approaches time management from 3 unique angles:

  • Time management in a single day

  • Time management in a week

  • Time management in your life to make sure that the tasks you work on are the right ones for your overall life direction, because if you are working on the wrong tasks, then all that time is mismanaged and wasted

Try this course and its unique approach which ends at you looking at the bigger picture of your life. This course is meant to not only help you manage your time but also to help you set all your work to help you achieve what you are meant to work on and achieve. 

Time management is an invaluable skill for any professional or entrepreneur. Master time management now and benefit from being more organized, focusing on the right tasks, and getting more done for the rest of your career.


Entrepreneurs often experience stress when they have too much to do and are not able to handle it all at once. If you practice good time management, by setting time aside for every task on your to-do list, the time you spend on that task won’t be as stressful or overwhelming because you will anticipate it.


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.


The time management course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it’s my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed.

Invest in your future. Enroll now and gain the lifelong skill of time management to help you do better at everything you do from now on.


Who this course is for

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young people
  • Students or new professional


Course content

  • Time management course introduction and welcome
    • WARM WELCOME TO YOU & Time management course introduction
    • Subtitles, video quality, your certificate, Q&A for this time management course
    • Opening up time in your day through the right focus on the right tasks
  • Time management
    • Immediately freeing up time by outsourcing and automating daily tasks
    • Scheduling creative time for big-picture thinking and strategy
    • More on scheduling and work-life balance
    • Scheduling exercise
    • Scheduling exercise – answer
  • Case study of a time management for a real business with real results
    • Section introduction – business case study of time management decision
    • Getting started with the Google productivity suite
    • Starting the time management prioritization in Google Sheets
    • Using formulas in Google Sheets
    • How to create charts and graphs from Google Sheets data
    • Merging cells
    • Finalizing the decision, and introduction to Pivot Tables
  • Eliminating interruptions and decluttering your desk & mind for time management
    • Eliminating interruptions from your day
    • Saying no as a time management boost
    • Decluttering your desk to eliminate more interruptions
  • Task prioritization as a part of your time management
    • Covey’s time management matrix from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    • Furthering our thinking in task prioritization with automation, delegation, etc
    • Task and project prioritization exercise
    • Task and project prioritization exercise – answer
    • Procrastination on purpose to help your time management exercise
    • Procrastination on purpose to help your time management exercise – answer
  • Bigger life goals to help you focus your time management priorities
    • Section introduction
    • The history (genealogy) of life purpose
    • What exactly is this “life purpose” thing?
    • More exercises, questions, and actions to keep uncovering your life purpose
    • One more point on fining purpose
    • Role of education in finding life purpose: job vs. humanity/thinking/feeling
    • Are people and organizations handing you their purposes to work on?
    • How I discovered/discovering my life purpose by following my curiosity
    • Story from Dostoevsky about life purpose and not wasting time and urgency
  • Mindfulness – it is essential to goal setting and time management
    • All productivity starts with mindfulness
    • How to start practicing basic mindfulness today
    • How our changing technology and social environments effect our self awareness
    • Defense mechanism of displacing blame vs. mindfulness and self-awareness
    • Mindfulness exercises
    • Mindfulness challenge
  • Biology, hormones and productivity – see how they impact your time management
    • 4 happiness hormones and how they affect our productivity, motivation and mood
    • Your sleep
    • Research on sleep
    • Exercise and diet
    • Quiz on productivity with diet, exercise, and sleep
  • Using meeting-scheduling software for increased time management & organization
    • Introduction to a scheduling software for booking meetings and appointments
    • How to set up Hubspot appointment scheduling software
    • Sending out the appointment-scheduling invitation with your schedule link
  • Time management and productivity apps
    • Section introduction to time management apps
    • Proper ways to make to-do lists
    • 4 apps to learn on the go: online courses, reading books, audio books, podcasts
    • Apps to block Facebook or time wasting sites
    • Two time tracking apps to track where you spend most of your time
    • Pomodoro app and Chrome plugin
    • Social media automation
  • Conclusion to our time management course
    • Bonus lecture: Next steps


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