EFT Basics for Kids and Teens

EFT Basics for Kids and Teens

EFT Basics for Kids and Teens

An Easy Introduction to Mindfulness and Self Care

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Instructor(s): Pamela Aubrey



This course will provide you with powerful tools to start changing not only your own, but also your child’s world with this simple but effective tool, EFT.

By learning this basic EFT technique, you will also be able to help your child address simple issues such as:

  • disappointment

  • frustration

  • anger

  • sadness

  • anxiety

  • crying easily

  • phobias

  • bad dreams

  • issues with friends

  • …and more!

It is important that you do these exercises with your child so they begin to learn the importance and value of being empowered to care for themselves and manage their own emotions and responses.

Before you start the basic tapping video, think of some issues you know your child already struggles with.

Consider the severity of that struggle on a scale from 1-10, 1 being extremely mild and 10 being very intense. Before you start the tapping video, talk with them about how this video will help them learn how to make this issue better for them. Have them tell you what number THEY think of when you ask them how challenging it is for them. Then, after they have done the video, ask them what the number is and see what kind of change they have experienced. This will be powerful for both them and you to experience!

Do this each time you tap together. Soon they will be doing on their own and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at their progress, and so will they!


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