Emotional Intelligence: Certification Course

Emotional Intelligence: Certification Course

Emotional Intelligence: Certification Course

High Emotional Intelligence = Improved Happiness, Greater Life Success, Improved Relationships, Control of your Life

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Instructor(s): Gaile Wilson

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What you’ll learn

  • You will learn practical ways to take control of your emotions and experience stability in your life
  • You will reach new levels of happiness in your life through raised Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to help yourself and others
  • Improve your relationships through improved Imotional Intelligence



  • No previous experience is required, this course will take you from basics to a full grasp of EQ
  • A genuine wish to grow and have an amazing life



Emotional intelligence is essential for understanding yourself as well as successfully navigating your social world. While some people tend to come by these skills more naturally, all of us need to improve our EQ in order to improve the quality of our lives. The great thing is that EQ is learned – so IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE IS COMPLETELY DOABLE!

In a nutshell emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and regulate our own emotions, to recognize the emotions of other people and feel empathy toward them, and to use these abilities to communicate effectively and build healthy, productive relationships with others. Healthy, productive relationships not only are key to our psychological well-being, they’re also vital to our success in life.

We will cover the following 5 areas of Emotion Intelligence in this Course

  • Emotional self-awareness — knowing what one is feeling at any given time and understanding the impact those moods have on others

  • Self-regulation — controlling or redirecting one’s emotions; anticipating consequences before acting on impulse

  • Motivation — utilizing emotional factors to achieve goals, enjoy the learning process and persevere in the face of obstacles

  • Empathy — sensing the emotions of others

  • Social skills — managing relationships, inspiring others and inducing desired responses from them

Enroll now for this Certified Course and reap lasting benefits in your life.


Who this course is for

  • This course is for all individuals who wants to improve their EQ.
  • This EQ course is ideal for those who wish to teach or coach others to improve their EQ.
  • This is a Certified Course that is perfect for people who want to show this area of experience on their CV.
  • This course is great for organisations to put their staff through. It’s an affordable quality learning experience.


Course content

  • Welcome & Introduction
    • Welcome & Introduction
  • Newtons Cradle
    • Be a 5
  • Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
    • Benefits
  • What is Emotional Intelligence
    • Exploring EQ
  • 1 Social Skills
    • Interpersonal Communication 1
    • Interpersonal Communication 2
    • Interpersonal Communication 3
    • Interpersonal Communication 4
    • Amy Cuddly
    • Interpersonal Communication
  • How to manage your emotions
    • Emotional Control
    • Emotional Control
    • Emotional Control
    • Emotional Control
  • Self Motivation
    • Motivation
    • Motivation
  • Learning Empathy
    • Empathy in practice
    • Empathy in practice
  • Self-Awareness
    • Becoming self-aware
    • Becoming self-aware
  • Conclusion & Certification
    • Conclusion


Emotional Intelligence: Certification CourseEmotional Intelligence: Certification Course

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