ES6 JavaScript: The Fundamentals

ES6 JavaScript: The Fundamentals

ES6 JavaScript: The Fundamentals

Learn the how and why behind writing modern JavaScript.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Emma Williams

Last update: 2022-05-18

What you’ll learn

  • Learn and understand the concepts introduced in ES6
  • Learn how to update code to use ES6
  • Understand the why behind the ES6 features
  • Learn how to write ES6 through examples
  • Using let and const
  • Destructuring different data types
  • How Classes work under the hood
  • Using Spread
  • Understanding Promises
  • How to use Array helper methods to avoid using loops



  • Basic knowledge of Javascript.



This course will teach you the fundamentals of ES6 in the JavaScript programming language.

There is a lot of content out there for learning ES6 but much of this doesn’t teach the why behind the concepts. Through code examples this course will teach you all the ES6 fundamentals and show you how things were done before. By doing this you will be able to confidently work with and update older projects.

Understanding ES6 is a skill that will help you gain employment in the industry today. It is also very fun to work with! If you ware looking to work with libraries such as React then it is a fundamental skill and part of your learning journey.

Taking this course will allow you to be quickly immersed in the syntax and be up and running with ES6 quickly. I use visual examples and apply the concepts to real day to day like so you can recall the knowledge quickly.

We will cover the basics such as using let and const and for…of and for…in loops. We will then go on to look at topics such as destructuring and using the spread operator. We will then look at array helper methods to stop writing loops and understand how to use ES6 classes. We will end the course by looking at promises.

Through fun and concise videos and code examples followed up with code challenges you will complete the course feeling confident to go off and write ES6 on your own.

Whether you are relatively new to programming, JavaScript or you just want to build upon some existing knowledge this course will help provide you with a toolbox to becoming a better developer.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to learn ES6


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Setup for the course
    • Solutions to exercises
    • Using let and const
    • Scoping in JavaScript
    • Creating variables with let and const
    • Updating var
  • For…of
    • For…of and a bit of for…in
    • Using for…of
  • Template Literals
    • Introducing template literals
    • Multi line strings using template literals
    • Creating template literals
  • Arrow functions
    • Introducing arrow functions
    • Arrow functions
  • Object property shorthand
    • Using object property shorthand
    • Using object property shorthand
  • Object freeze
    • Introduction to freezing objects
    • Using the freeze method
    • Freezing an object
  • Destructuring arrays
    • Introducing array destructuring
    • Array destructuring
  • Object destructuring
    • Introducing object destructuring
    • Using object destructuring
    • Object destructuring
  • Nested object destructuring
    • Introduction
    • Nested object destructuring example
    • Using nested object destructuring
  • Destructuring Function parameters
    • Destructuring function parameters
    • More practice destructuring function parameters
    • Destructuring function parameters
  • Default parameters
    • Introducing default parameters
    • Practice with Default parameters
    • Using default parameters
  • Spread in functions
    • Introducing spread
    • Using spread in our functions
    • Spread in functions
  • Spread in objects
    • Introduction
    • Using spread in objects
    • More practice using spread in objects
  • Spread in arrays
    • Using spread in arrays
    • Spread in arrays
  • The rest parameter
    • Introduction
    • Using the rest parameter
    • The rest parameter
  • Array helper methods
    • Introducing forEach
    • More examples with forEach
    • Introducing Map
    • Using Map
    • Practice with map
    • Filter
    • Practice with filter
    • Find
    • Practice with find
    • Some & Every
    • Practice with some
    • Practice with every
  • Classes
    • Object constructor notation
    • Using Object Constructor notation
    • Prototype introduction
    • Understanding the prototype
    • Introducing classes
    • Working with classes
    • More practice with classes
    • Practice with classes
  • Promises
    • Introducing promises
    • Then and catch
  • Bonus Material
    • Hoisting


ES6 JavaScript: The FundamentalsES6 JavaScript: The Fundamentals

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