Essential Hacks For Time Management

Essential Hacks For Time Management

Essential Hacks For Time Management

Strategies for effective time management, life hacks, tools to avoid procrastination, SWOT matrix, and more.

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If you have the feeling that the days seem too short to fulfill all your obligations, maybe you need to practice time management. This strategy can add tranquility to your life. With this, several benefits can be noticed, especially the improvement in well-being. So, be sure to follow this course until the end, you will discover how to manage your time, improve your performance at work and in life, learn easy-to-use techniques, methods of how to manage your life with work, and much more!

You will find lessons about:

  1. What is Time and why should I use it?

  2. Advantages of Management: And what do I do with it?

  3. Strategies for Effective Time Management.

  4. Activities that break the routine.

  5. Tools that help with time management.

  6. Main personal activities in the implementation of Time Management.

  7. Assessment of activities considering energy and time used.

  8. Making the most of my free time and maximizing time.

  9. Reflection on the ability to manage the task schedule.

  10. How to avoid procrastination.

  11. Apps to help you daily.

  12. SWOT matrix – Used to help a person or organization identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business competition or project planning.

and much more.

This course will not address how to change your life, but how to have better time management with the practices adopted in this course.

Feel free to send me your doubts through the platform chat. I will answer as soon as possible.

See you in lesson number one.


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