Ethical Hacking Foundation – Part 1

Ethical Hacking Foundation - Part 1

Ethical Hacking Foundation – Part 1

An Insight into the OSI Model and Protocol Suite!

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Sai Acuity Institute of Learning Pvt Ltd Enabling Learning Through Insight!

What you will learn

  • In this course the you will learn the OSI Model, various mnemonics, protocol data units etc.
  • You will go through the various layers in detail with real time examples and caselets.
  • You will learn the TCP/IP protocol suite
  • You will get insights on range of IPv4 & IPv6 and domain name system hierarchy.



  • You should have completed our first course on “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cybersecurity and Hacking”


Ethical Hacking Foundation - Part 1Ethical Hacking Foundation - Part 1



This brief course will cover the OSI model layer by layer and go through some practical applications of these layers in the networking field. Students will begin to understand what is the function of each of the layers and they will be able to connect the layer number to the layer name. For instance they will know that layer 3 is the same as network layer and what protocols are functional at each of the layers and what are the responsibilities of each layer.

This will be a good foundational course for the students who want to further pursue the networking career. This can further build on this basic knowledge to take it further.

Section 1:

We start off where we left, in the previous course on “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cybersecurity & Hacking” we dealt with the fundamental concepts such as Basic Network, CIA Triad, Network concepts, Security Operations Center and Job Roles. Section 1 starts with a refresher on network concepts, topologies etc and connects you to the previous course.

Section 2&3:

These two sections give a good insight on the OSI Model and all the Layers:

a)Physical layer b)Data link layer c)Network layer d)Transport layer e)Layered packet format f)Flow control g)Error control

f)Connection-orientedness vs connectionless g)Session layer and responsibilities h)Presentation layer and its

responsibilities i)Summary of layers

Section 4:

In this section students will learn important concepts like TCP/IP protocol suite and Domain name system hierarchy.


Ethical Hacking Foundation - Part 1Ethical Hacking Foundation - Part 1


Who should attend

  • Cybersecurity enthusiasts, IT Security students, IT Security Analysts
  • This course is for Beginners and not for advanced audience. Hence the faculty explains each concept in detail and demonstrates with relevant tools where required.


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