Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3

Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3

Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3

Learn to hack windows OS using Backdoor and Ransomware created from scratch using Python. Completely for Beginners!

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Instructor(s): Sachin Kafle

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn to create payloads, malware
  • Learn to hack windows OS creating Ransomware
  • Learn about socket programming
  • Learn about different modules of Python
  • Learn about Cryptography-Encryption and Decryption
  • Learn to write Object oriented programs to create malware
  • Interact and use terminals/command prompt
  • Create viruses that can bypass Antivirus Programs
  • Spoof the extension of malware
  • Learn about Social Engineering Attacks
  • Learn how to create real world payloads and attack victim machine



  • Student must have basic understanding of Python
  • Some topics of Python students must know are: Functions, Object Oriented Programming and Data structures (list, dictionary, tuple)


Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3



Welcome to this most exciting course on Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3. Hacking is not always a rewarding activity but it is one of the most fun profession where you can use your knowledge to make yours and others system secured.

This course will try to turn you into a person who can check for the vulnerability in the system and make your own payload to pen-test that system and evaluate proper security measures that needs to be adopted. We’ll try to make payloads and test systems from section one, Thus this course is highly practical. We (Bit4Stack Tech Inc.) assumes that you have no prior knowledge in these topics, So we will provide some theory related to networking at the beginning and hands on examples with it.

We will cover three modules in this course. Every module will have rich contents related to Hacking. Firstly, we start by creating Backdoor which will provide access to entire file system of victim computer. Then, we use same backdoor to upload the Ransomware that we create from scratch. We will also learn how to bind our payload with other files along with spoofing the file extension.

Things you will learn at this Course:

1. Python subprocess module: How to execute commands in the shell (like upload, download files, Lock Computer)

2. Socket programming: How to make two computer system communicate with each other.

3. Cryptography: Use concept of encryption and decryption to create CryptoLocker ransomware

4. Payload Delivery: How to make virus/malware that we create less suspicious and deliver to Victim’s computer


All tutorials and videos have been made using our own routers, servers, websites and other resources, they do not contain any illegal activity. We do not promote, encourage, support or excite any illegal activity or hacking without written permission in general. We want to raise security awareness and inform our readers on how to prevent themselves from being a victim of hackers. If you plan to use the information for illegal purposes, we highly condemn it. We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the given information.


Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3Ethical Hacking: Learn The Art of Hacking Using Python3


Who this course is for

  • Anybody who wants to learn to use Python for Ethical Hacking
  • Anybody who wants to know how real world malware (Backdoor and Ransomware) are created
  • Anybody who has interest in Ethical hacking and Pen-testing


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Teaser 2: Spoof any file extension (.exe to .pdf/.png/.mp4)
    • Teaser 3: Testing Ransomware on Victim’s PC
    • Introduction
  • Setting Up Virtual Hacking Lab
    • Install VMWare on to your machine!
    • Why do we need VMWare?
    • VMWare Pro vs Free
    • Install Kali Linux on to the VMWare
    • Reason behind using Python as a Hacking Tools
    • Install Windows Os on to the VMWare
  • Installing Libraries/modules on Hacker’s and Victim Machines
    • Quiz related to modules/libraries in Python
    • Install Libraries on Kali Linux
    • Install Libraries on Windows 10 Operating System
  • Introduction to the Backdoor
    • What is Backdoor?
    • Backdoor Quizes
  • Download Backdoor Code/Resources as Whole
    • Download Code/files for Backdoor using Link specified
  • Creating Backdoor from Scratch
    • Introduction to subprocess module
    • Saving result of command execution
    • Backdoor in Server-Client
    • Server Side Programming
    • Client Side Programming
    • Send message from Server to Client
    • Server-Client Communication
    • Executing shell commands through backdoor
    • Handle Exceptions
    • Change Directory using Backdoor
    • Handle Change Directory (cd) exceptions
  • Adding Several Functionalities to Backdoor
    • Download Functionality
    • Handle Download Exceptions
    • Maintaining DRY principle at Client Side
    • Maintaining DRY principle at Server Side
    • Upload Functionality
    • Debug and Test Upload Feature
    • Lock Windows Machine
    • Making Payload Persistance
    • Convert .py to .exe: Making Executables
    • Binding Payload with other files
    • Extra Features
  • Theory on Cryptography: Must watch before creating Ransomware
    • Introduction to Security
    • Security Goals
    • What is Cryptography?
    • Categories of Cryptography
    • Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
    • Asymmetric Cryptography – RSA algorithm
  • Introduction to Ransomware
    • What is a Ransomware?
    • How do Criminal install Ransomware?
    • Types of Ransomware
  • Creating Ransomware From Scratch
    • Generate Private and Public Keys on Kali Machine
    • Create Fernet Key for Ransomware
    • Testing Ransomware to generate Fernet Key on Windows Machine
    • Encrypt Fernet Key
    • Encrypt and Decrypt Files
    • Crypt System by Traversing through Directories and Files
    • Decrypt Fernet Key on Kali Linux
    • Change Victim’s Desktop Background
    • Ransom Note
    • Display Ransom Note on Victim’s Computer
    • Decrypting Files on Victim Computer
    • Finally Testing our Ransomware
  • Thank You Note
    • Finishing Up!


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