Ethical Hacking: Network Attacks

Ethical Hacking: Network Attacks

Ethical Hacking: Network Attacks

Hack Workstations and Servers

Language: english

Note: 4.3/5 (29 notes) 6,923 students

Instructor(s): Peter A

Last update: 2021-11-07

What you’ll learn

  • Learn passive and active reconnaissanse
  • How to Hack servers
  • How to Hack workstations
  • How to Scan devices



  • Know Computer Networks (What is IP address etc)
  • Know Linux command line
  • Know Virtualbox (optional)



In this course you will learn the basics of hacking servers and work stations. It is a beginners course, but basic knowledge of networks and Linux is highly recommended.

If you have some experience with networks and Linux and want to learn ethical hacking, this course is for you.

You will learn how to collect information on the target network, various network attacks, how to brute force passwords, how to launch reverse shells and a lot more.

This course uses Kali Linux, a linux distribution with many hacking tools included. You can setup your home lab either with two or more computers or use virtualbox to setup the home lab.

It includes many quizes that help you understand the content. By the end of this course, you will be able to hack into servers, hack into work stations and how to collect all possible information on the target network. You will know all types of attacks that can be carried out.

Do you want to learn Ethical Hacking? Do you already know about Networks and Linux? This course is for you! You will improve your skills and be able to carry out hacks. You don’t need expert programming or advanced mathematics to do hacking, all you need is basic Linux and network skills.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to download Kali Linux.


Who this course is for

  • Beginner Ethical Hackers


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Collecting Information
    • Introduction
    • whois
    • nslookup
    • dnsdumpster
    • shodan
    • Quiz
    • ping
    • telnet
    • netcat
    • nmap
    • Quiz
  • Hacking Servers (Brute Force)
    • Introduction
    • Password Attack
    • Quiz
    • Cheat sheet
  • Hack Work Stations (Reverse Shells)
    • Introduction
    • Malicious Payloads
    • Reverse shell (theory)
    • Lets hack
    • Hack Mac OS X Workstation
    • Hack Windows XP Workstation
    • Hack Linux Workstation
    • Quiz
  • Hack Workstations with Executable
    • msfvenom
    • Create Executable
    • Hack any Workstation (and Mobile)
  • Packet Sniffing
    • Introduction
    • Packet Sniffing
    • Quiz


Ethical Hacking: Network Attacks

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