Executive Program in Data Analytics

Executive Program in Data Analytics

Executive Program in Data Analytics

A Problem Solving Approach Using MS Excel

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Instructor(s): Nitin Kr Saxena PhD

Last update: 2022-07-26

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the techniques to communicate a clear and concise message in just 10 second
  • Become master in using advanced powerful tools Pivot table, Vlookups & Hlookups
  • Proficient in using various advanced level Functions and Formulas in MS Excel
  • Build a solid understanding of the Microsoft Excel
  • Learn more than 70 plus formulas & functions



  • Zeal to Learn and Grow
  • Basic understanding of Excel operations like opening, closing and saving a file



Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular applications for data analytics. Equipped with built-in pivot tables, they are without a doubt the most sought-after analytic tool available.

MS Excel is an all-in-one data management software that allows you to easily import, explore, clean, analyze, and visualize your data.

Executive Program in Data Analytics using MS Excel is a comprehensive course that provides a good insight into the latest and advanced features available in Microsoft Excel. It explains in detail how to perform various data analysis functions using the features available in MS-Excel.

The course is designed keeping in mind two kinds of learners – those who have very little functional knowledge of Excel and those who use Excel regularly but at a peripheral level and wish to enhance their skills.

All along, Excel functionality is introduced using easy-to-understand examples which are demonstrated in a way that learners can become comfortable in understanding and applying them.

The course covers 75 plus formulas and functions of MS Excel. The power of data analysis will help in converting raw data into meaningful information for better and data-driven decision making

The course integrates Logical formulas, Statistical formulas, If functions, and Sum functions to name a few.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone looking to master data analytics with a 360-degree approach
  • Excel using who have a basic skills but want to master advanced formulas & functions
  • Students who are undergoing Internships and have to make their reports/presentations stand out
  • Aspirants aiming to exploit data analytics techniques to successfully show their achievements to the management.
  • Anyone looking to pursue career in data analytics & business intelligence


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome to the Course EPDA
    • Know Your Facilitator
    • What You Will Learn in EPDA
    • Lifelong Learning
    • Time is Money
    • What is Data Analytics
  • Subtotals
    • Subtotal Worksheet Function
    • Subtotal Sum Function
    • Subtotal Average Function
    • Subtotal Max Function
    • Subtotal Min Function
    • Subtotal Count Function
  • VLookup & HLookup
    • VLookup with Exact Match
    • VLookup for Approximate Match
    • VLookup Mixed Reference Formula
    • VLookup with IF Function
    • HLookup Function
    • Lookup Function
  • Match & Index
    • Match Formula
    • Index Formula
    • Match & Index Combo Formula
  • Pivot Tables
    • How to create First Pivot Table
    • Understanding Value Fields in Pivot Tables
    • Learn to Refresh the Pivot Tables
    • Changing Data Source in Pivot Tables
    • Grouping the Items
    • Timeline
    • Playing with Slicer
  • Sum Formulas
    • Learn how to do a Running Total
    • Doing Summation with Frequency 1
    • Doing Summation with Frequency 2
    • SumIf with Number Criteria 1
    • SumIf with Number Criteria 2
    • SumIf with Text Criteria 1
    • SumIf with Text Criteria 2
    • SumIf with Date Criteria
    • SumIf with OR Criteria
    • SumIf with Not Equal To Criteria
    • Learn SumIfs
    • SumIfs or Sum with Multiple Criteria
  • Count Formaulas
    • Introduction to Count Formula
    • Count Formula
    • Counta Formula
    • Count Blank Formula
    • Count with Number Criteria 1
    • Count with Number Criteria 2
    • Count with Text Criteria 1
    • Count with Text Criteria 2
    • Count with OR Logic
    • CountIf vs CountIfs
    • CountIfs
  • Statistical Formaulas
    • Generating Random Numbers 1
    • Generating Random Numbers 2
    • Generating Random Numbers 3
    • Rank the Team Member’s Performance 1
    • Rank the Team Member’s Performance 2
    • Generate Unique Random Numbers
    • Convert Negative to Positive Numbers 1
    • Convert Negative to Positive Numbers 2
    • Weighted Average
  • Logical Formulas
    • AND Logical Formula
    • IF Logical Formula
    • Logical Formula Combo 1 IF AND
    • OR Logical Formula
    • XOR Logical Formula
    • Logical Formula Combo 2 IF OR
    • Logical Formula Combo 3 AND OR
    • Logical Formula NOT
    • Logical Formula IFS / Nested IF
  • Round Formuals
    • Round Formula
    • Round UP Formula
    • Round DOWN Formula


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