Facebook Ads & Ecommerce Mentorship ~ Yasir Ahmed, MBA ~2022

Facebook Ads & Ecommerce Mentorship ~ Yasir Ahmed, MBA ~2022

Facebook Ads & Ecommerce Mentorship ~ Yasir Ahmed, MBA ~2022

Urdu~Fb Marketing Strategy, Social media agency, lead generation,eCommerce, Instagram ads, Funnels, shopify Dropshipping

Language: english

Note: 4.5/5 (210 notes) 7,532 students

Instructor(s): Yasir Ahmed, M.B.A

Last update: 2022-06-24

What you’ll learn

  • Learn complete facebook marketing
  • 21 hours+ facebook marketing training
  • Learn to earn using facebook marketing
  • Everything you need to be successfull in paid ads



  • Facebook page
  • Ad account
  • Intenet
  • Understand hindi/urdu



After taking this training you will have extensive knowledge about how you can earn by learning Facebook marketing. This skill is the most cashable skill in the world right now and I have been practicing it since 2015 have earned millions using this skill so you have a chance to learn from my professional and personal experience in depth that covers years of experience and oversight.

(This training in Urdu/Hindi only enroll if you understand the language)

Whatsapp Group Access & lifetime mentorship is only for students who enroll through my website

Why You Should Join This Training:

Doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or just someone who clicked on boost post once then started wasting money because there is no one to guide you. This training will take you from zero to expert level covering every single aspect in detail. Expert means a person who has experimented enough to master a skill, you will be given all the guidance you need to become that but you should be willing to apply all things that you learn.

Topics Include:

  1. Run Ads to grow your Business, Agency and Clients.

  2. Powerful Ads Strategies to find paying customers.(In Depth)

  3. Digital marketing hacks for max results at low cost.

  4. Effectively Sell without a website like a pro.

  5. Retargeting, LLA, Customer Audience & sales funnels.

  6. Ads launch, Testing and brand scaling techniques.

  7. Fix Disabled Ad Accounts.

  8. Business Manager & Ads policies & design

  9. IOS14 changes solutions to increase website sales

  10. Scale any business under my mentorship.

  11. Brand Building, lead generation for long term success.

  12. SMMA Social Media Agency & Freelancing.

  13. Handle digital clients on Fiverr & Upwork

  14. Build A High Converting Shopify Ecom Store.

  15. Learn to pitch and manage clients like a pro.

  16. Shopify Dropshipping & Ecommerce Sales Strategy

  17. Product Launch.(PL) & brand growth strategy.

  18. On hand, practice to get the best results at the lowest cost.

  19. Real Clients Case Studies.

See Real Results:

Since 2020 I taught this training offline directly to more than 1600+ students who are directly under my mentorship. You can check out my Instagram & Facebook page to check real student results that I have posted during the past year. I have managed over 100 businesses/clients since 2015 in UAE, Pakistan, USA, UK and you will learn from all of my years of experience.

Take This Course if you want to master Facebook advertising.

You will be able to optimize your Facebook ads by testing our strategies. You will be able to create and make use of EVERY type of Facebook ad. You will be able to grow your website sales, Facebook page likes and customer base. You will be able to find new customers that will drive your brand to new heights via online marketing.

What are you waiting for!

Join now before the discounts ends


Who this course is for

  • anyone who wants to use facebook to make money
  • build a career using facebook marketing
  • Become a facebook Marketer
  • Run Ads for clients and yourself


Course content

  • Welcome To Facebook Ads & Ecommerce Mentorship
    • How To Earn With Facebook Marketing
    • Connect With Yasir Ahmed, MBA
    • Watch Before Your Join – Who Will Get Whatsapp Group Access
    • Some Instructions Before You Start.
  • Day 1 – Ads Manager Fundamentals
    • Millions In Sales With Facebook Ads
    • Spy On Any Business Facebook Ads Libary
    • Essential Page Settings
    • Creating Your Fb Ad Account in 2022 (Perfectly)
    • Facebook Ad Objectives Explained
    • Facebook Ad Level Explained
    • How To Give Access To Your Page And Ad Account
    • Secure Your Facebook Profile
    • Get Visa/master Card For Facebook Ads
    • Open Bank Account For freelancing In Pakistan
    • How To Apply For Bank Account In Pakistan
    • Assignment #1 (Attach Your Bank Card)
  • FB Profile Restricted, Locked, Disabled, Hacked Fix & Fb Chat Support
    • Facebook Id Verification Hack Unlimited- Ad Account Ban Fixed
    • 2 factor authentication
    • Secure All Business Page And Ad Account
    • Unlock Restricted Ad Account
    • New Ads Manager Options
    • Exploring All Ads Manager Tools
  • Day 2 – Finding Customers Perfect Targeting Strategies (In Dept)
    • Targetting Right Audience
    • Facebook Basic Targeting
    • Understanding Your Customer Demographics Targetting
    • Business Ideas Giveaway
    • Deep Dive Into Demographic Targeting
    • Interest Keyword Based Targeting
    • Behavior Based Targeting
    • Targeting Digital Marketer Like Myself
    • Engaged Shoppers (Core Audience For Selling)
    • Targeting To Get Sales
    • How To Find Related Keywords For Your Business
    • How Facebook Marketing Changed My life
    • Target By Languages
    • Saving And Editing New Audiences
    • Connection and Connection Types
    • Easy Research For Keywords
  • Day 2 – Facebook Ad Examples, Design & Policies
    • Understanding Facebook Ads Policies
    • Examples Of Best Facebook Ad Creatives
    • Design With Canva (NEW)
  • Day 3 – Run All Facebook Ads Like A Pro Using My Stratigies.
    • Simple Ad Creation
    • Create Any Campaign With No Hassle
    • Messages Ad To Get Engage Customers With Questions
    • Drive Traffic To Youtube Or Website
    • How To Maximize Your Learning
    • Duplication Like A Pro
    • Multiple Ad Sets Strategy
    • Get Leads & Sales On Whatsapp
    • Unlimited Page Fan Followers (CBO Strategy)
    • Lead Generation For Realstate Or Any Business Like A Pro
    • How To Create And Market Events
    • Selling Without A Website – What Objectives To Use (Live)
    • Assignment Day3
  • Advertising Mastery Strategies (SECTION IS ON UPDATE)
    • How To Sell In 2022
    • Campaign Launch Strategy (Important)
    • Whatsapp Business For Sales And Support
    • Product Image And Video Hunting (Ad Creatives)
    • Ads Optimization Strategy Case Study (Traffic)
    • whatsapp Ad Case Study
  • Day 4 -How To Measure & Share Your Results With Me For Evaluation
    • Using Business Suite & Ads Manger App
    • Columns Setup To Understand Results Like A Pro
  • Day 4 – Effectively Sell Even Without Website
    • Sell Anything With Or Without A Website
    • Using FB Groups To Market Anything For Free
    • 10X Reach By Engaging Users In Live Session Strategy
    • Radius Marketing For Selling In Any Location
    • Selling with Facebook Shop
    • Catalogue Sales Ads For Retargetting And Selling
    • Assignment
  • Day 5 – Run Ads On Instagram From Ads Manager
    • Instagram Marketing
    • Feed And Story Automation Using Creator Studio Tools
  • Day 5 – Facebook Business Manager (COMPLETE)
    • Facebook Business Manager
  • Day 5 – Freelancing Fiverr
    • Finding Clients On Fiverr (International Freelancing)
  • Day 5 – Build Your Own Social Media Agency (SSMA)
    • Start Your Social Media Agency (SSMA) Desi Freelancing
    • Important Things To Know About Agency Business
    • Ads Strategy For Local Clients
    • How To Grow Your Agency Fast
    • Upsell Agency Service On ClienT Need
    • Perfect Sales Pitch & Pricing Your Services
  • Local PL – Private Label – Dropshipping- Product Launch Full Session.
    • Launch Your Ecom Business In Pakistan
    • Start Your Social Media Agency In 2022
    • Local PL – Private Label – Dropshipping- Product Launch Full Session.
  • Day 6 – Building Your Ecommerce Business From Scratch
    • How To Source Your Own Product For Your Ecommerce Business
    • Selling On Ecommerce Website
    • Ecommerce Websites In Pakistan & Marketplaces
    • How Does Ecommerce Website Work
    • Things Your Need To Understand to Be Success After IOS Changes
    • Installing Facebook Pixel WordPress
    • How To Install Facebook Pixel On Shopify Website
    • Business Manager Setup for Ecommece
    • Verifying Your Business Domain
    • Set Aggregated Event Measurement For Facebook IOS 14 Changes
  • Day 6 – Growing Ecommerce Business With These Strategies
    • Creating Sales Ad For Purchase (Single Product)
    • Add To Cart Conversion To Warm Pixel
    • Creating Carousel Ad To Sell Multiple Products
    • Creating Custom Audience
    • Launching Retargetting Campaign
    • Multiple Ad Set Strategy
    • Most Essential Ecommerce Marketing Strategy
    • Measuring Results Perfectly With Columns
    • Thanks You So Much!
  • Day 7 – Shopify Store For Dropshipping & Ecommerce
    • Build A Shopify Store For Dropshipping & Ecommerce
  • Day 7 – Success launch Strategy – Ecom & Dropshipping
    • Colleting Product Marketing VIdeos Images For Free.mp4
    • Installing Facebook Pixel
    • Creating Convesions Campaign
    • Dropshipping Targetting Strategy
    • Easy Editing Downloaded Pictures
    • Creating ad Copy Uploading Video Ad
    • Editing Video and Thumbnail And Publishing your ad
  • Day 7 – Campaign Test Strategy Ecom & Dropshipping
    • Millions In Ecommerce Sales With Facebook Ads For Dropshipping
    • Strategy 1 – Creating Multiple Ad Creatives (New Thumbnail Testing)
    • Strategy 2 – Create multiple Ad Set (Narrowed Audience)
    • How does CBO testing strategy work
    • Real Result From CBO Test Strategy
    • Creating columns to measure result
    • Understanding Ad level Stats for best results
  • Live Case Study – :Lead Generation $1500 Product – 20X Times Revenue
    • $1500 Product Case Study – 20X Times Revenue Generated
    • $1000 Product – 191 leads For Client – How I Did It
    • Lead Generation in 30 Seconds
    • How To Access Facebook Ads Manger
    • Ultimate Lead Generation Campaign Setup
    • Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel
    • FInalizing Ad Creative.
    • Chat On FB Chat Support Directly If Your Ad Account Is Banned
    • Mindset While Working With Clients
    • Ad Account Disabled & Chat Support Solution
  • Live Case Study – Events Company
    • – 46 Events Advertising Campaigns Review
    • Creating Your Event On Facebook Page
    • Promoting Your Event Organically
    • Paid Promotion To Get Event Response
    • Location Marketing Hack
    • Event Engagement Strategy To Get Results Fast
    • Strategy To Get Tickets Sales Through Event
    • Registration Conversions Strategy
  • Case Studies!
    • Running Ads For Chiropractor- Brand building And Customers- Local Business
    • (PL) Local Product Launch Ecom Business Failure Story
  • Case Study : 2.6 Million in Salas Local PL Case Study & Funnels
    • 2.6 Million In Sale With 600K Ads Cost.
    • Ads Funnel (Tof, MoF, BoF)
    • Using Funnels In Your Targeting Strategy
    • 4- Successfull Creative Overview – Single, Carousel, Collection Ad
    • 5- Analyzing Profitable Campaigns
  • 50000 Page Likes Case Study
    • 2000 Page Likes At Cheap Cost Strategy
    • Strategy Multiple Creative Testing
    • How to evaluate performance of multiple creatives
    • Smart targeting approach to get good audience
    • How I Grew My Personal Brand Page to 25K followers
    • Simple Trick To Reduce Ads Cost (Works with all objectives)
    • Fan Page Followers For Monetization ( 20 CTR )
    • How To Sell Through Page Likes (My Shoe Business)
    • Testing Multiple Ad Copies
    • Successful And Failed campaigns Overview
    • How to get 10,000 followers cheap
    • 3 Countries For Cheap Page Likes (0.25 Paisa)
    • Get More Facebook Page Followers And Likes With This Strategy
    • Getting 15,000 Page likes For A Client (0.35 Paisa)


Facebook Ads & Ecommerce Mentorship ~ Yasir Ahmed, MBA ~2022Facebook Ads & Ecommerce Mentorship ~ Yasir Ahmed, MBA ~2022

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