First Triple A Marketing Fundamental Course

First Triple A Marketing Fundamental Course

First Triple A Marketing Fundamental Course

In this course you’ll study necessary basics including Marketing research, planning, strategy & STP and communications

Language: english

Note: 0/5 (0 notes) 120 students

Instructor(s): Ilia Udalov



This Udemy course on marketing fundamentals is an introduction to the discipline and vital to mastering the basics. We will look at modern marketing concepts and basic marketing tools.

As part of the course, we will delve into marketing strategy and STP, marketing planning, marketing research and marketing communication . Will take a look at how to segment the market and choose the right target audience.

This course may be very helpful for all those who are either preparing for GMAT or planning to do an MBA.

You will not only attend the course and pass the test after each lecture, which will allow you to consolidate the material passed and in the future use all the tools in practice.

After completing this course, you will have the following knowledge and competencies:

– know the basic concepts and provisions of marketing

– understand the basic functions of marketing in the company

– know the main stages of developing a marketing plan

– know the stages of the consumer purchasing decision process

– understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative marketing research.

The original course consists of 11 lectures covering consumer behavior, market analysis, product strategy, branding, marketing metrics, and marketing in specific markets.

Whether the missing lectures will be released depends only on you! Leave comments here and join the ranks of the course students! Apply for the “First Triple A Marketing Fundamental Course” now!


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