For Design Students: Lots of Stuff I Wish I Knew!

For Design Students: Lots of Stuff I Wish I Knew!

For Design Students: Lots of Stuff I Wish I Knew!

Getting the most out of school for your design career

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Thinking about design school or changing careers to be a graphic designer?

If you are taking the time to be in and/or PAY for school – don’t blow it! You have precious little time to take advantage of the student label and make this time count towards your professional career!

Students have so many opportunities they can’t afford to waste! You will be KICKING yourself later for not making yourself aware of the freebies, hacks, class suggestions when you end up working as a professional later!

Design school is an amazing experience, and I highly suggest it! As a designer, you’ll get to put your mark on the world through your art, and the better you do with it, the more of a legacy you’ll leave behind!

Never boring, always challenging, and highly creative, design is everywhere and there are so many specialized fields of design you can get into – package design, logo and corporate branding, print, web, social media, film, animation, and everything in between.

That being said, after several of my own art and design degrees, there is a lot I would have done differently! Ways I would have been able to save money, things I would have thought about differently, classes I would have taken and opportunities I wish I had grabbed that would have sped up my career and brought me a lot further, faster.

When I do career speeches for design classes or work with my own mentor freelance students, I find myself saying many of the same things over again.

That’s why I created this mini-class!

We all wish we could go back in time and give our younger self advice about what we would have done differently, this is my chance to help the next generation with some of the insights I know can help.

As with all of my classes, feel free to reach out with questions at any time!


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