Free Own Chat Application from scratch using MQTT & MEAN

Free Own Chat Application from scratch using MQTT & MEAN

Free Own Chat Application from scratch using MQTT & MEAN

Create application using MongDB Atlas, Free MQTT brokers, deploy as NPM library & angular elements & ship to Heroku

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Bhushan Pawar

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What you’ll learn

  • Implement angular elements
  • Platform neutral chat application
  • Chat support framework
  • Mosquitto (mqtt) and Node Js
  • Communication with Telegram
  • Typescript, CSS and HTML
  • Web integration concepts
  • Angular Elements and cross technology integration



  • nodejs
  • angular
  • basic socket io
  • chat applications



  1. You would be learning how you can implement your own Chatting application that can be integrated to any website developed in Angular/ React/Vue/WordPress or pure HTML webpage.

  2. Encapsulate everything in your application, using all FREE tools, and no cost/license is required to run this application.

  3. We will be using MQTT as the message broker, which will help you to Chat

  4. Pure JS integrations keep your client application clean and Zero integration cost makes it easier and acceptable

  5. MongoDB atlas Free tier gives you the freedom to save your sent messages

  6. Technology independent architecture helps to gain the advantage of scaling to wide variety of applications and websites

  7. Design and concepts from scratch helps you gain more and understand the things in better way

  8. Learn and Scale for your support systems.

  9. MongoDB Atlas free tier integration

  10. Heroku account setup and deployment of server

  11. Managing the connections and listening to Chat queue

  12. You can learn everything from scratch and get most out of it.

  13. Learn to build and deploy your own NPM library

    1. Managing versions of library

    2. Publishing the README files

  14. Make Angular elements out of library

    1. Learn how you can create angular elements which produces pure JS version of your project

    2. Integration and testing of the Chat popup in any of the templates

    3. Test using multiple web templates

  15. Get more examples and test use cases to learn and explore more.


Who this course is for

  • developers
  • enthusiasts
  • startups
  • students


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Setting up Heroku project
    • Heroku Deployment with express JS
    • Connecting to free MQTT cluster
    • Setting up Free MongoDB Atlas cluster
    • Connecting with MongoDB Atlas cluster
    • Deploying to Heroku
    • Setting up JSON message format and saving to MongoDB atlas
    • Setup angular UI and library project for NPM builds
    • Including Chat bot theme, CSS and other setup
    • Implementing UI functionality for Chatbot
    • Bridging Express and UI using MQTT
    • Writing UI services to send messages and UI streamlining
    • Tuning CSS
    • Making popup of Nugget
    • Build – Pack and deploy library to NPM
    • Build – Deploy – test Angular elements
    • Build and test with pure HTML Pages
    • Test angular elements with examples


Free Own Chat Application from scratch using MQTT & MEANFree Own Chat Application from scratch using MQTT & MEAN

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