Fundamental Concepts in SAP HCM and SAP HR

Fundamental Concepts in SAP HCM and SAP HR

Fundamental Concepts in SAP HCM and SAP HR

A Course to master SAP HCM Terms and Objectives

Language: english

Note: 0/5 (0 notes) 128 students

Instructor(s): Pramod Kesav N



This course gives the student familiarity with SAP HCM Terms and Objectives. Most topics dealt here in this course, explains about the different modules found in SAP HCM (HR). The Approach taken is a Descriptive Approach with Explanation of terms given wherever required, with a gradual progression of ideas and concepts.

Wage administration is an integral part of SAP Projects especially in the field of SAP HCM. In this course, there is also an attachment of numerous quizzes which helps the learner be immediately thorough with a Module or Undertaking of a Module that is learned as a result of going through each section and subsection.

The basics of Salary Administration as it is done by SAP Functional Consultant is explained in this course and so also SAP Reporting is explained based on some fundamental concepts that goes into the making of successful reports.

This is a basic level Course and Curriculum in the vast field of SAP Certifications.

Once the learner learns through the fundamental concepts, he or she can immediately take up the next level in SAP Education, whereby he or she can concentrate on the different SAP Modules like Personnel Administration, Payroll Configuration, Time Management concepts etc.

It is hoped that the Course remains helpful to the enthusiastic learners.


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