Gain the creative confidence to go after the life you want

Gain the creative confidence to go after the life you want

Gain the creative confidence to go after the life you want

Embrace authentic self-expression and start your creative journey!

Language: english

Note: 3.9/5 (5 notes) 1,061 students

Instructor(s): Ange Ingabire

Last update: 2020-07-16

What you’ll learn

  • Authentic creative journey and expression
  • Finding your creative rhythm
  • Idea development techniques
  • Building the right habits and mindsets for creative excellence
  • Clarify your creative goals and set a plan of action



  • Internet connection and any recording device



There is a yearning in each of us, a need to live a life of our choosing, and expressing our inmost desires. It is however not always as simple as it sounds and in this course I am helping you uncover your personal life meaning. So here is what you should expect from this course:

· How to find focus and prepare for a life of meaning and intentionality,

· How to embrace your creative flow and create from a place of purity that isn’t obstructed by fear or shame,

· Why you should use your unique voice/style to tell your unique story and embrace your true self through authentic living and self-compassion,

· The benefits that you derive from creative expression and its importance in helping you thrive in your human experience,

· Living a life of intentionality by developing winning mindsets to have and achieve your desired our goals,

· A quick exploration into the creative process, how to choose a great idea and how to develop your creative ideas into meaning projects,

– Develop the right habits, mindsets for creative excellence by taking the time to look inwardly and seek purpose,

· You will gain the right perspective to go after the life that you want by devising clarity and action plans.


Who this course is for

  • Creators who want to design a life of meaning


Course content

  • Embrace creative living
    • Start your journey today
  • Be authentic in your expression
    • The epiphany
    • The quest
    • The benefits of pursuing your authentic journey
  • The benefits of authentic self-expression
    • Authentic self-expression at a glance
    • The 10 benefits of authentic self-expression
    • We evolve through our expression
    • Be who you are meant to be
    • Gain the right perspective on creative living
  • Find your creative flow/ your rhythm
    • Prepare your mind
    • How to embrace the flow?
    • How to build resilience?
    • How to build habits for creative excellence
    • How to overcome creative blocks
    • 10 Winning mindsets to adopt
  • Develop your creative idea
    • What is the creative process?
    • How to find a great idea?
    • Idea development techniques
  • Conclusion
    • Set your plan into motion- move with clarity



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