Gaining Unstoppable High Self-Esteem

Gaining Unstoppable High Self-Esteem

Gaining Unstoppable High Self-Esteem

It’s extremely difficult to experience the joy of life if you have negative thoughts about yourself

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What you’ll learn

  • It’s unfortunate that only a few people know the important role that self-esteem plays in their lives. I will help you understand the importance.
  • You, of course, will learn how to improve your self-esteem or self-confidence
  • But, this course is more than just learning how, you will also learn how to maintain your new found high self-esteem in any situation
  • These are all symptoms of low self-esteem: •Feeling of extreme jealousy •Loss of decision making abilities • Feeling of not being respected
  • And More: • Developing a sense of dependence on others even on simple things • Always feel pressured while doing tasks • Display of excessive anger
  • Do any of these ring true to you? If not, how about these: •Too much worry •Frustration •Feeling helpless •Poor performance at school or the workplace
  • We address all of this and more as we work on improving and maintaining your self-esteem



  • If you identify with anything that is listed in the “what students will learn” area then you definitely meet the requirements to take this course



Self-esteem refers to the opinion you have for your own self. If you feel you’re competent and kind, good looking, or capable of doing things, this is a sign that you have high self-esteem.

But, if you have negative opinions about yourself and feel that you cannot do your tasks like others do or do not look good, you have low self-esteem. Sometimes, low self-esteem becomes the cause of anxiety and depression.

Therefore, self-esteem refers to how you think about your own self, how worthy you think you are and how much importance you give to yourself. It’s not about bragging about yourself, but knowing that you can do your best, even if you’re not perfect.

Self doubt can be synonymous to paralysis. It can immobilize and disable you or prevent you from making strides in your life. Think of previous moments where you felt enthusiastic about your goals, but the momentum began to slow down as the time for taking the first step approached. You can hear the voice inside you saying, are you sure you can do it? What will happen if you mess up? As the days went by, your doubts decreased your ability to get the tasks at hand done. You feel pressured, stumped, and it seems that all eyes are on you. Extreme self-doubt is the main ingredient for losing your courage. This course outlines the behaviors that kill your self-esteem. Then I will show you the right approach to build your self- confidence and to maintain it.

We look at ways to boost your self-esteem.  We also look at what you are doing that may lower your self-esteem.  I provide numerous downloadable worksheets to aid in your self-esteem growth.

We take a perhaps uncomfortable look at fear, how it affects your self-esteem and how to overcome your fears, what ever they are.

Often our self-confidence is shaken when we are speaking with others either one-on-one or especially in a group.  You will learn valuable tips on how to communicate well with others including that all important part of communicating called “listening”.

And then finally we look at what you can do to maintain your new found and improved self-esteem.


Who this course is for

  • This course is really for anyone who wants to improve their life, either at work, at home, or socially. We can all use a self-confidence boost and this course can do it for you.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Your First Self-Confidence Boost
    • Why Self-Confidence Will Change Your Life
    • How To Boost Your Self-Confidence
    • Intrinsic Confidence
    • Training Your Confidence
    • To Improve Your Confidence, Improve Your Communication Skills
    • Understanding Intonation and Tone
    • Practice, Practice and Even More Practice
    • Develop Good Listening Skills
    • Face It – Good Listening Skills Are Essential
  • Overcoming Your Fears
    • The Answer Is To Overcome Your Fears
    • The Only Thing We Have To Fear
    • The Samurai Code
    • Fear Setting
    • Taking Chances


Gaining Unstoppable High Self-EsteemGaining Unstoppable High Self-Esteem


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