Get moving! At home, strength workout routine

Get moving! At home, strength workout routine

Get moving! At home, strength workout routine

Fun workout routine you can do at home or away (+ 2 mobility workout + 1 stretching routine)

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Instructor(s): Krisztina Rudnay-Peters


How much time do you spend, on the average day, SITTING?

  • Do you sit at a desk for work?

  • Are you behind the wheel driving a lot?

  • Do you spend hours simply scrolling or binge watching?

If you’re like most people, more than half of your waking hours are spent parked on a chair or sofa.

Come on, and let’s get moving with me!

  • Designed for home, work, or travel workouts with small spaces and no equipment.

  • Geared to ALL AGES & ALL fitness levels – especially those who sit lots through the day and have been in-active. But everyone at all levels will really enjoy all the targeted mobility and joyful movement built into this program.

  • 1 full workout routine + 2 mobility workout + 1 stretch routine

We’re Building STRENGTH Today in our Functional Movement Skills.

Today we’re focusing on the 7 key functional movement skills: Squat. Lunge. Hinge. Push. Pull. Walk. Rotate. These are the movements we use each day. We’re going to focus on each of them – training and getting stronger. No equipment is needed for this strength workout.

Today’s instructions: There are 3 rounds of work today with 3 exercises in each. Do each exercise for 30 seconds – rest as needed – and repeat twice. Then move to the next round.


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