Git & GitHub for Automation Testing

Git & GitHub for Automation Testing

Git & GitHub for Automation Testing

Git & GitHub essentials (from Basics to Advanced) for working on Cucumber, Selenium or REST-assured Automation projects

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Manual 2 Automation Testing

Last update: 2021-08-31

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Git & GitHub from Automation Testing Projects view point
  • Understand Git Workflow (via Git Bash & Eclipse IDE)
  • Get a practical insight into Automation Test Manager’s Activities pertaining to GitHub & Git
  • Gain confidence in Automation Tester’s Activities in relation to Git & GitHub
  • Grasp how Git collaboration & resolving conflicts work



  • Ideally basic understanding of automation testing – that being said, since the course is FREE, give it a try !
  • And you simply need to be committed and passionate to ‘Become an effective Automation Tester’ !


Git & GitHub for Automation TestingGit & GitHub for Automation Testing


Are you thinking of moving from Manual to Automation Testing?

Then you should be aware that Test Automation is certainly in high demand and similar to various automation tools, Git & GitHub tools are quite significant and are the most commonly used version control tools for Automation Testing.

So, learn Git & GitHub for Automation Testing covering Basics to Advanced – from Automation Testing Projects view-point.

The key objectives of the Course is to learn Git & GitHub and gain understanding of Git workflow using Git Bash CLI & Git for Eclipse.

This realistic course covers “How to get started with Git & GitHub for Automation Testing” to “How to practice Git workflow using Git Bash CLI and Git within Eclipse” and then ‘How to collaborate with the Automation team for version controlling”.

Learn Git & GitHub for Automation Testing practically and as industry expects from an Automation Tester.

Likewise, students would get a practical and hands-on insight into Automation Test Manager’s Activities & Automation Test Engineering activities. With the right exposure to Git & GitHub, you should be able to work and collaborate within the automation testing team.

Note: this course caters for Git & GitHub tools only and does NOT cover Automation tools like Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver or REST-assured.


Git & GitHub for Automation TestingGit & GitHub for Automation Testing

Who this course is for

  • This course is most suitable for Manual Testers who are aiming to break into Test Automation
  • Automation testers who are keen on revising or improving existing Git/GitHub knowledge or skill (Git Bash & Git in Eclipse)


Course content

  • SCM / Version Controlling Overview
    • Course Introduction
    • Version Controlling – Background
    • Version Controlling – Benefits
  • Automation Test Manager’s Key Activities
    • Automation Test Manager’s Activities
    • Useful Links
  • GitHub & Git Setup
    • Install Git Client and Git Eclipse plugin
    • GitHub – Generate token
    • Create a Repository on GitHub
    • Update .gitignore
  • Git Workflow
    • Clone using Git client
    • Working Directory
    • Automation Project code
    • Copy Automation Project Code to Local Git Repo
    • Git commands
    • Git workflow – Add
    • Git workflow – Commit
    • Git workflow – Push to remote branch
    • Git workflow – Pull from remote branch
    • Import Maven Project from Git Local Repo (in Eclipse)
    • Git workflow summary
  • Add Collaborators
    • Add Collaborators on GitHub
  • Automation Tester’s Activities
    • Accept invitation from Test Manager
    • Clone Repository
    • Import Project into Eclipse
    • Git configuration – Email & Username
  • Collaboration
    • Make changes to automation project
    • Git workflow via Eclipse
    • History
    • Merge changes
  • Handling Code Conflicts
    • Code conflicts
    • Resolving code conflicts
    • Creating a branch
    • Tips: Automation Tester’s Activities
  • Bonus
    • Exclusive Student Discounts



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