Git Kraken – A Useful Git GUI Tool

Git Kraken - A Useful Git GUI Tool

Git Kraken – A Useful Git GUI Tool

Learn Git with an awsome graphical tool

Language: english

Note: 4.3/5 (109 notes) 10,541 students

Instructor(s): Muhammad Tariq

Last update: 2019-10-05

What you’ll learn

  • This course will introduce an interesting and simple Git GUI tool called “Git Kraken”. This tool will help students and professionals in understaing working of GIT in an interactive and easy to understand manner.
  • We have kept the content simple for you. After this course you would be able to use git Gui tool for your personal and professional projects.



  • Basic undestanding of GIT
  • Knowledge of basic Git Commands
  • git config, add, commit, branch, status etc



This course is an introduction about Git Kraken Tool. Git Kraken is an awsome Git UI tool and I enjoyed working with this tool.

This is a beginner level course and it will help everyone, especially students to understand Git functionality in Graphical manner.

Git Kraken tool is easy to use and its more expressive. With little effort you can understand how to work with this tool and it will also be helpful for you to work with other Git GUI tools.


Who this course is for

  • Computer Science Students
  • Junior developers
  • DevOps professionals
  • QA Professionals
  • Senior Developers
  • Business Analyst
  • Technical Project Managers


Course content

  • Howto work with Git Kraken UI
    • Introduction to Git Kraken
    • Initialize a Repo, commit and ammend commits
    • Create Branches
    • How Branch Merging Works
    • Merge Branch using GitKraken
    • How to resolve merge conflict
    • Detached Head State
    • Squashing Commits


Git Kraken - A Useful Git GUI Tool

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