Go from Gig Worker to Entrepreneur

Go from Gig Worker to Entrepreneur

Go from Gig Worker to Entrepreneur

Learn about new Side Hustles and how to turn them into a Business

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This entrepreneurial course will help you learn about the gig economy and how to turn your gig into a business. My qualification for teaching you this is that I work in both the gig economy (testing websites, reading books, and creating courses) and own a business (I rent out single-family homes and condos to long-term tenants).

The two biggest benefits you will receive from this course is first understanding what’s available in the gig economy as in what short terms jobs that you can do in order to explore your interests – because there are probably more opportunities than you thought. Second, you’ll learn how to think about turning your gig into a business.

The course is set up as follows: I will define both the term entrepreneur and the gig economy, we will discuss many available gigs and also how to turn your gig into a business as well as some important things to know to get started in your business such as common excuses people use not to get started and how to handle understand your financial situation when you’re first getting started with your business.

The ideal student is either interested in starting a business or a side hustle.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to enroll or check out the free preview.


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