Google Apps Script Quick Start Beginner Guide

Google Apps Script Quick Start Beginner Guide

Google Apps Script Quick Start Beginner Guide

Google Apps Script allows you to power up you G Suite with amazing functionality based on JavaScript

Language: english

Note: 4.7/5 (74 notes) 6,300 students

Instructor(s): Laurence Svekis

Last update: 2019-11-11

What you’ll learn

  • Google Apps Script and how to apply it
  • Useful code to start writing and explore what can be done with Google Apps Script
  • Edit and create Google Scripts
  • GSuite of applications with Google Apps Script



  • JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Prior programming knowledge
  • Solid understanding of JavaScript


Google Apps Script Quick Start Beginner Guide

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Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite.


Explore how you can start using Google Apps Script to run code to make things happen within Google Suite of Apps.

BONUS – Downloadable PDF course Guide – with links and resources.

The course covers the following in regards to Apps Script and how to use it

  • Apply JavaScript methods within Apps Script like Date()

  • Create a document using script – add content to the document

  • Create a Spreadsheet using script

  • Get object info like ID and URL

  • Using session to get active user email address

  • Using Mail Service to send emails via script

  • DocumentApp and accessing updating existing docs by id

  • SpreadsheetApp and accessing data contained in existing sheets

  • Bound script in Docs and Sheets

  • How to add UI menu items

  • Running script functions from UI menu tab

  • Creating UI alerts

  • UI prompts to get user input and data

  • Active document get cursor location

  • Creating new sheet using script

  • Updating and copying sheet data selected by user

Source Code is included

Fast friendly support within the Q&A section – taught by an instructor with over 20 years of web development experiencing ready to help you learn.

What are you waiting for join now and start creating your own amazing projects with Google Apps Script.


Google Apps Script Quick Start Beginner GuideGoogle Apps Script Quick Start Beginner Guide


Who this course is for

  • Web developers
  • Application developers
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Google Apps Script
  • Anyone who wants to automate Google Suite
  • JavaScript coders


Course content

  • Introduction to writing Google Apps Script Code
    • Introduction Apps Script
    • Resource Guide
    • Google Script Setup
    • Get Coding Google Apps Script
    • Source Code
    • Create Google Files
    • Source Code
    • Create Spreadsheet Add Content
    • Source Code
    • Send an Email Google Script.
    • Source Code
    • DocumentApp Class
    • Source Code
    • Update element text
    • Source Code
    • Get Update Spreadsheet
    • Source Code
    • Bound Script UI Alert
    • Source Code
    • Bound Script UI Prompt
    • Source Code
    • ActiveDocument Cursor
    • Source Code
    • ActiveSpreadsheet
    • Source Code
    • Copy Sheet Data to New Sheet.
    • Source Code
    • Conclusion Apps Script
  • Bonus Section
    • Bonus Lecture



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