Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test 2022- [New]

Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test 2022- [New]

Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test 2022- [New]

Letest 100+ Questions for Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam 2021 | Score 900+ in Certification exam

Language: english

Note: 3.5/5 (20 notes) 1,154 students

Instructor(s): Abhishek Gupta

Last update: 2021-09-24

What you’ll learn

  • How to pass the Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam
  • General Cloud Knowledge, data pipelines, migration.
  • About Billings, Cloud Build, Firebase , Firestore , Cloud Identity.
  • Google Cloud Products and Services
  • Describe controlling and optimizing Google Cloud costs.
  • Define Google Cloud Support options.
  • Identify and evaluate multiple data management offerings



  • Please read these below Topics before taking the tests.
  • Cloud Filestore vs Cloud Firestore/Firebase
  • Anthos, Apigee , Architecture choices, Bare Metal Solution,BigQuery , Billing
  • Cloud Build,Cloud Filestore vs Cloud Firestore/Firebase,Cloud Identity, Cloud Storage
  • Containers, Kubernetes, Anthos — don’t go as in-depth
  • Creating Data Pipelines — from ingestion, to processing, to storage
  • ML , Migration ,Networking , Pricing Calculator , Serverless vs Serverful options
  • Will Add more topics, explanation in the course


Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test 2022- [New]Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test 2022- [New]


A smartly devised Cloud Digital Leader certification practice test to empower your preparation for the ultimate

This Cloud Digital Leader exam guides you through a series of well-defined 5 sets of questions designed by industry experts to train & enhance your learning’s so far. This set of Google Cloud Digital Leader exam guides covers the entire course while providing a real environment as the Google Cloud test paper.

Google Cloud Digital Leader practice exam series have been designed with all the topic covered in the real exam. This series is designed with multi-cloud strategies and aimed at ultimately enhancing the fundamental skills of the applicants’ deploying, monitoring, and maintaining projects on Google Cloud.

Note:- The course contains three practice test each practice test of 50 questions, timed to 60 minutes, and passing score adjusted at 50%. This simulates, to a great deal, the actual exam experience.

Syllabus Covered:

  • IAM & Access Control

  • Google Cloud Directory Sync

  • Private Google Access

  • SD-WAN

  • Preemptible VMs

  • Cloud Computing

  • Anthos

  • Bare Metal Solution

  • Data Life Cycle

  • Apigee API Management

  • Cloud SQL

  • Cloud Spanner

  • Cloud BigTable

  • Cloud Datastore

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • Firebase & Firestore

  • Google Cloud Billing

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Storage & IAM

  • App Engine & IAM


  • 100+ Test Questions

  • 2 Practice Test Sets

  • Lifetime Access

  • Detailed Explanation of correct and incorrect choice

  • Reply to all queries/doubts at the earliest

What do we offer in our Google cloud digital leader training test?

  • Questions with the Real life simulated examples for all the applicants.

  • Questions regarding the best practices used for setting up and configuring google cloud accounts.

  • An analytical report at the end of the practice test.

  • Active instructors who are always available for guiding your cause.

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals who want to demonstrate their abilities to use the Google Cloud Console, how to configure and manage the google cloud system.

  • Developers who want to testify their learning’s in order to utilize the power of Google cloud for the software they build.

  • Professionals who want a hike in their current development positions

  • All IT Students who want to update their skill sets.


Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test 2022- [New]Google Cloud Digital Leader-Practice Test 2022- [New]

Who this course is for

  • Developers who want to enhance their knowledge of Google Cloud Digital Leader
  • Individuals who need a hike in their regular jobs.
  • Individuals who are pursuing Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification.
  • Developers who want to make effective use of the google cloud console.
  • Begineer in Google Cloud Certification Exam
  • Project Manager, a Mid-Level Manager, or even Head of Engineering
  • Pre-Sales Engineer Roles


Course content

  • Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Test 2021 – Practice Exam 1
  • Google Cloud Digital Leader Practice Test 2021 – Practice Exam 2


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