Google Fonts Basics Guide 2022

Google Fonts Basics Guide 2022

Google Fonts Basics Guide 2022

Everything you need to know about Google Fonts – Basics

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn How To Use Google Fonts For Web Development & Web Design
  • Learn & Master The Use Of Google Fonts
  • The Necessary Skills & Knowledge To Quickly Add Google Fonts to Web Pages
  • Download & Install Sublime Text 3 Text Editor for Coding
  • Download & Install MAMP for working in a local Web Development Enviornment
  • Download & Install Firefox Web Browser for testing & Debuggin your web pages



  • Willingness to learn and have fun




I’ve got the course for you if you want to learn Google Fonts – Basics. This course is designed to introduce you to the basics of Google Fonts. I’ll walk you through the advantages of using Google Fonts with your websites. How to download CSS Properties from Google Fonts and how to add them to your CSS Files to add to your website.

I’ll show you how to download and install Google fonts to work with your web pages. I’ll also show you how to download fonts using google fonts and how to add them to your web page using CSS properties. In this fast and easy guide, you can quickly learn Google Fonts.

We’ll also talk about why you would Google Fonts over other options available to you on the web. What are the Advantages of using Google Fonts? Let’s get started today.

In this course will cover the following you to show you how to get started with Google Fonts that includes:

1. Features

2. Roboto

3. Open Sans

4. Big Shoulders Display

5. Roboto Condensed

This and so much more to get started with Google Fonts.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course come Learn Google Fonts Today!


Who this course is for

  • Beginner Web Developers wanting to learn more.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
  • Sublime Text 3
    • Download & Install
    • Features
  • Firefox
    • Download & Install
    • Features
  • MAMP
    • Download & Install
    • Features
  • Google Fonts
    • Setup Project Files
    • Features
    • Roboto
    • Open Sans
    • Big Shoulders Display
    • Roboto Condensed
  • Conclusion
    • Thank You


Google Fonts Basics Guide 2022Google Fonts Basics Guide 2022

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