🇮🇳 Google Forms in Hindi 2022

🇮🇳 Google Forms in Hindi 2022

Google Forms in Hindi 2022

Learn Google Forms the Easy Way

Language: hindi

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Last update: 2022-03-24

What you’ll learn

  • The best part is will teach from very beginning from creating Account Signup, Sign in, Forgot Password, 2 Step Verification
  • Form Basics
  • Quiz
  • and Example forms: Contact Us, Survey, Quiz for Kids, Appointment, File Submission , College Fest Competition Form, Feedback Form
  • Example Forms: Vote or opinion Poll, Attendance Example



  • I Will teach from Very Basics, PC/ Laptop to practice would be Great



Hello I am Hemendar Singh Rajpurohit and in this course I will teach you google forms from very Basics, first we will start by creating Google Account and we will Sign in then we will see what can be done if you forget Password and then we will see how to secure your google account via 2-Step Verification, then I will start teaching Google Forms basics, Starting from understanding the Interface, opening a blank form, Changing themes and header image and how to preview as a user

Then we will see all the question types and how to use them Example: Short Answer, Paragraph, Multiple Choice, Check boxes, Drop Downs, File Upload, Linear Scale, Multiple Choice Grid, Checkbox Grid, Date and Time, then will see how enable required for questions, Duplicate and Delete Questions, Change Question Sequence and then will see how to add more Title and Description, adding Images and videos

Then we will see how to import specific Questions from other Forms, how to divide form using sections, and then question related options such as description, validation etc. then will see responses and related settings.

Then we will see how to use templates, Renaming the form, Changing the form location, Star important Forms, Form Settings,  More Form Options, Send Button, Creating Quiz, Aadons, and then finally we will see some example forms: Contact Us, Survey, Quiz for Kids, appointment, Vote or Opinion Poll, File Submissions, College Fest Competition Forms, Feedback Form, Attendance Example.


Who this course is for

  • Any one willing to learn google Forms


Course content

  • Intro
    • 1 Intro
  • Create Account / Login /Security
    • 1 Create Account & Sign in
    • 2 Forgot Password
    • 3 2-Step Verification
  • Form Basics
    • 1 Interface, Blank Form, Theme, Preview
    • 2 Title, Description, Questions-1
    • 3 Questions-2
    • 4 Questions-3
    • 5 Required, Change Questions Sequence, Copy, Delete
    • 6 Add Title, Description, Images and Videos
    • 7 Import Questions from Existing Forms
    • 8 Add Sections in Forms
    • 9 Questions related Options
    • 10 Response
    • 11 Templates, Rename Form, Change Form Location, Starred
    • 12 Settings, More Form Options, Send Button
  • Quiz
    • 1 Quiz
  • Addons
    • 1 Addons
  • Few Form Examples
    • 1 Contact Us
    • 2 Survey
    • 3 Quiz for kids
    • 4 Appointment
    • 5 Vote or Opinion Poll
    • 6 File Submissions or College Fest Competition Form
    • 7 Feedback Form
    • 8 Attendance Example


🇮🇳 Google Forms in Hindi 2022🇮🇳 Google Forms in Hindi 2022

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