Google & Google Scholar Made Easy – Research Like A Pro!

Google & Google Scholar Made Easy - Research Like A Pro!

Google & Google Scholar Made Easy – Research Like A Pro!

Ace Your Literature Search Using Google Advanced Search Techniques To Find Reliable & UpToDate Research Fast in 2022

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Last update: 2022-04-19

What you’ll learn

  • Find relevant and reliable research for your literature review
  • Conduct advanced searches in Google for your research
  • Undertake advanced searches in Google Scholar
  • Access and search Google’s advanced search interface
  • Learn how to access research papers (PDF) for free and legally
  • Discover the best alternative Google search engines for academic research



  • An eagerness to learn is all that we ask!



Learn the secrets of finding academic research fast with Google and Google Scholar and take your research paper writing to the next level!

  • Have you spent countless hours trying to find research for your literature review that is of an academic quality, peer reviewed, up-to-date, relevant and reliable?

  • Are you tired of trying to learn how to search complicated academic databases?

  • Do you write a lot of research papers and have to evidence a range of sources?

  • Do you want to save time when conducting your literature search? 

  • Have you wondered if there is an easier way to find research using Google?

Then join me today and let’s make the process of literature searching easy with this course designed just for you!

Content and Overview

This brand-new course will teach you the winning tips and tricks to use Google for your research paper. From the very basics of how to access and use Google’s advanced search, super quick command search techniques and power user tips to supercharge your research.

We pretty much cover it all so that the next time you need to find research for your research paper writing you will  have the knowledge and practical skills you need find research fast.

We are going to teach you the skills that will allow you spend less time worrying about finding research and more time writing up your paper.

I designed this course to be easily understood by everyone, there are no requirements to join the course, we only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to use Google and Google Scholar to help you become a productive and successful researcher.

See you inside the course!


Who this course is for

  • Students at school, college or university who need to undertake a literature search
  • Undergraduates, postgraduates, PhD students, early career researchers
  • Academics looking to improve their research workflow and save time
  • Professionals
  • Job hunters looking to develop the skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace
  • Market researchers
  • Software developers
  • Analysts
  • Anyone who wants to boost their productivity and develop a new skill set


Course content

  • Introduction
    • What are the differences between Google and Google Scholar?
  • Google Search
    • Does Google search the real time web?
    • Google’s ‘cache’ and why you should use it
    • How Google is bringing bias to your results and how to overcome this
  • Google Commands
    • What are Google Commands, why and how you should use them
    • Find a file type
    • Search an entire website/domain search
    • Title search (single word)
    • Title search (multiple words)
    • Search for a specific term
    • Search for pages that include a term in the URL
    • Find websites that are similar in content
    • Define a keyword or topic
    • Search for a phrase
    • Find one or more terms (broaden your search)
    • How to combine terms using AND
    • Exlcude words from your search
    • Exclude a website or domain from your results
    • Conducting a partial search (to identify more search terms)
    • Find documents specific to a year range
    • Find a definition of a word
    • Find related websites
    • Find a synonym of a word
    • Accessing the Google cache
    • Verbatim searching
  • Google Advanced Search
    • How to access Google Advanced Search
  • Google Scholar
    • How to access Google Scholar
  • Google Scholar commands
    • Search for a specific term in text:
    • Search for a single word in the title intitle:
    • Search multiple words in the title allintitle:
    • Search for a phrase
    • Boolean OR: Find more keywords
    • Boolean AND: Join keywords together
    • Boolean NOT: Exclude words from your search
    • Conducting a partial search (to identify more search terms)
    • Find documents specific to a year range
    • Search for an author
    • Example search – put into practice what we have learnt
  • Google Scholar Advanced Search
    • How to access Google Scholar Advanced Search
    • How to search using Google Scholar Advanced Search
  • Become a Google Scholar Power User
    • Discover new research using citation searching
    • Discover new research using related article search
    • How to setup alerts to stay up to date with the latest research
    • How to organize your Google Scholar library
    • How to automatically generate citations for your reference list or bibliography
    • Customizing your search preferences
    • Get better results by searching in incognito mode
  • Get access to research papers for free
    • Access the full text of papers explained
    • Google Library Links
    • Google Scholar Button
    • Command search for finding the PDF
    • Browser extensions for finding the full text in record time
    • Leverage your local library or University library
  • The best alternatives to Google search
    • Fine tune your research using these search engines
    • Semantic Scholar
    • CORE
    • Carrot2 Search
    • Million Short
    • Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  • How to cite and reference your research in one-click
    • Why you should be using Mendeley
    • How to automatically capture references from the web
    • How to auto create a citation & reference list in Microsoft Word
  • BONUS: Google’s Secret Sites – The Sites They Don’t Want You To Know About!
    • Google’s hidden websites and they can help you achieve academic success


Google & Google Scholar Made Easy - Research Like A Pro!

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