Green Screens for Imovie

Green Screens for Imovie

Green Screens for Imovie

Talking Head Green Screening for Imovie

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Daniel Conrad



In this video course, we will be teaching students how to effectively create green screen videos.  This will involve the talking head method, which is where the person acts as a spokesperson for either their blog, brand, or business/company.  This is a great skill to have because you will learn videography that is simple, yet sophisticated.  The only thing that is required of the student is to have mac software and to creatively acquire a green screen set very cheaply (which can be done).  In order to use the green screen effect featured in Imovie, two to three point lighting must be included, so the individual should more than likely acquire soft-boxes or some other type of three point lighting system.  This method that is showcased will include render foreground and background layers for Imovie.  Rendering will be discussed within this course.  Additionally, various topics in Imovie, such as picture in picture will be discussed.  In this video course, you will be learning how to make green screen videos.  Various techniques and methods will be applied when viewing the course.  Ultimately, anyone can create a green screen video.  Using lighting, a green screen kit,  and imovie, anyone can create a green screen video that is effective.  We hope you enjoy this course and find it helpful.  You will not be disappointed by this course.  Tons of videos will be added to this course on a constant and consistent basis. 



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