Grief Counseling; Grief Bereavement Comprehensive Course

Grief Counseling; Grief Bereavement Comprehensive Course

Grief Counseling; Grief Bereavement Comprehensive Course

Grief; Death; Grief Counseling & Bereavement Topics

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Instructor(s): Crystal Tummala

Last update: 2022-11-27

What you’ll learn

  • Learn To Heal Your Emotions and To Understand The Grief Process
  • Learn About The Stages Of Grief
  • Learn How To Process Grief
  • Learn Methods Of Shifting Our Thoughts and Exploring Feelings



  • the ability to take notes



Grief Counseling; Grief Bereavement Certificate Course

Grief; Death; Grief Counseling & Bereavement Certificate Program;

Have you recently suffered a loss in your life due to death?

Are you interested in counseling or coaching someone who is experiencing a loss? 

Death is something that we all know is inevitable.  This fact does not take away the pain that is felt when a loved one is suddenly gone. 

I have lost several family members who I truly loved.  I wanted to created a course to help others.  This course was designed to help with the bereavement process. 

Use the course for yourself or take the methods and apply them in your therapeutic practice.

In this course you will learn about:

  • We will discuss feelings of grief related to death. 

  • We will cover the stages of grief in great detail. 

  • We will use assignments to help the healing process. 

  • We will discuss the ways to handle birthdays, anniversaries, and other tough days. 

This is a comprehensive sensitive course that is all about remembering your loved one and healing.

This course has been thoughtfully designed as a compassionate and empathetic way to process the loss of a loved one. 

A Course Journal Is Included. 

Upon Completion of the course you will receive a certificate through Udemy.

This course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Enroll today.

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The library of courses offered by Pursuing Wisdom Academy is ever increasing and covers topics including Entrepreneurship, Course Creation, Life Coaching, Relationship Courses, Job Searching, Motivation, Grief and Bereavement, Contract and Legal Issues, as well as courses related to Spirituality. Crystal constantly researches various educational platforms and looks for areas where she can create additional courses that would benefit her growing student base.

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Who this course is for

  • men and women who have felt emotional loss due to the death of a loved one


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Promotional Video For Grief Healing
    • Grief; Introduction To The Grief Healing Counseling Course
    • How To Get The Most From The Course
    • Grief; The First Days And Weeks After A Death
  • Part One
    • Grief; What To Expect Physically After A Death
    • Grief; Talk To Others As Grief Counseling
    • Grief; Assignment One Of Grief Counselling Explained
    • Assignment One
    • Grief; Depression Symptoms After Experiencing Death
    • Grief; Death and The Stages Of Grief
    • Grief; Stage One of Death Grief Process
    • Grief; Stage Two of Death and Grief Process
    • Grief; Stage 3 of Death and The Grief Process
    • Grief; Stage 4 of Death and The Grief Process
    • Grief; Stage 5 of Death and The Grief Process
    • Grief; Handling Trigger Days of Grief
    • Grief; Mood Lifting Breath
    • Grief; Lecture For Assignment Number Two
    • Grief; Assignment Two
    • Grief; A Plan For Handling Grief Related To A Death
    • Grief; Emotions Are Like Waves
    • Grief; Counselling From Family and Friends
    • Grief; Practice Some Self Care
    • Grief and Sleep
    • Grief; REM and Coping
    • Grief; How To Improve REM
    • Grief; Have An Enjoyable Storehouse
    • Grief; Lecture For Assignment Three
    • Assignment Three
    • Grief; Higher Power
    • Grief; Spiritual Needs and Grief Counseling
    • Grief; Anytime You Need A Mental Break
  • Wrap Up
    • What To Do With Some Emotions
    • Grief Therapy Or Counseling Counselling
    • Course Conclusion
  • Choosing Joy After Grief Course
    • Welcome To Part 2 Of Grief Counseling Journaling
    • Day One Of Joy After Grief
    • Day 2 Grief Counseling Focus On Joy
    • Day 3 Shift Attention From Past
    • Day 4 Change Your Thoughts For Grief Counselling
    • Day 5 Create A Habit That Is Joy Focused
    • Day 6 Finding Joy Through Reflection Of Enjoyment
    • Day 7 Future Goals As A Way To Process Death
    • Day 8 Exercise As Depression Relief
    • Day 9 Grief Counseling Through Nature Appreciation
    • Day 10 Release Attachments To Material Possessions
    • Day 11 Decluttering To Simplify Life After Death For Grief Recovery
    • Day 12 Reduce Obligations
    • Day 13 Show Appreciation And Increase Job Satisfaction
    • Day 14 Put An End To Procrastination
    • Day 15 Patience As Part Of Grief Healing
    • Day 16 Nurturing Friendships
    • Day 17 Know That The Higher Source Loves You
    • Day 18 Volunteering To Process Grief
    • Day 19 Listen To Your Gut For Joy Peace and Love After Grief
    • Day 20 Enjoyment and Play Music
    • Day 21 Reconnect With Our Passions
    • Get Into A Gratitude Routine
    • Joy Course Conclusion Lecture
    • Bonus Lecture


Grief Counseling; Grief Bereavement Comprehensive CourseGrief Counseling; Grief Bereavement Comprehensive Course

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