Hands-on with Top Ethical Hacking Tools

Hands-on with Top Ethical Hacking Tools

Hands-on with Top Ethical Hacking Tools

Learn to hands-on with Top Ethical Hacking Tools and accelerate your cybersecurity journey

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Instructor(s): Rajneesh Gupta


Welcome to – Hands-on with Top Ethical Hacking Tools

This course is developed to share real-world cybersecurity challenges and their solutions with a comprehensive approach from no-prior knowledge to advance level. With this course, you’ll not just get the information about fundamentals, technologies, tools, process but also get to know real-world use cases.

There is never been a better than today to kickstart your career in Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity. In order to developed an outcome-driven course module, we have used two approach: Bottom-up Approach and Project-based Approach.

Bottom-Up Approach: With this approach, we’ve broken down each complex topics and delivering into simplified way such as before getting started with Ethical Hacking we’ll go through  Linux and Networking fundamentals.

Project-Based Approach: With this approach, we’ve used real-world example and use cases to understand complex topics such as Understanding Vulnerabilities with real-world Mobile application, understanding web application threats using Linkedin Account hacking etc.

Learn about top Ethical hacking tools








  • You’ll learn the Blocks of Information Gathering.

  • You’ll learn about Vulnerabilities in detail.

  • You’ll do hands-on with Nessus Scanner

  • You’ll do hands-on with OpenVAS Scanner

  • You’ll hands-on with Nmap Scanner

  • You’ll learn using Recon-ng

  • You’ll learn fundamentals of SQL Injection attack.

  • You’ll do hands-on in setting up MySQL database from scratch.

  • You’ll lean how SQL Query works.


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