HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Practice Exam 2022

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Practice Exam 2022

HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Practice Exam 2022

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Firstly, what is the HashiCorp Certified Terraform exam? Terraform certification is a programme to gain formal, industry-accepted credentials that certify your technical knowledge as a Cloud Engineer specialising in DevOps, especially expertise in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaC) tool Terraform. You can quickly find your proficiency after completing the exam.

Exam Objectives :

Understand infrastructure as code (IaC)

conceptsUnderstand Terraform’s purpose (vs other IaC)

Understand Terraform basics

Use the Terraform CLI (outside of core workflow)

Interact with Terraform modules

Navigate Terraform workflow

Implement and maintain state

Read, generate, and modify the configuration

Understand Terraform Cloud and Enterprise capabilities

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These Terraform Associate certification practice exams have a passing score of 72% but I highly encourage you to repeat taking these exams again and again until you consistently reach a score of 90% or higher on each exam .

We regularly update our question bank based on the feedback from the students who have recently taken the Terraform Associate certification Exam. This is why our students ace this exam in their first attempt with an average exam score of over 85%.

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