How I Got 1k Followers In 1 Day With TikTok Marketing & Ads

How I Got 1k Followers In 1 Day With TikTok Marketing & Ads

How I Got 1k Followers In 1 Day With TikTok Marketing & Ads

Combine free TikTok marketing strategies with TikTok ads for rapid growth – replicate what I did click by click

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Instructor(s): Alex Genadinik

Last update: 2022-04-21

What you’ll learn

  • Grow followers quickly
  • See an account grow from 0 to 1,000 followers in days
  • Learn free TikTok marketing strategies
  • Learn TikTok ads



  • No prerequisites



Succeed on TikTok even if you are starting from 0 followers.

You will learn free (organic) marketing strategies to grow video views and followers. Plus, you will learn to amplify your free marketing by running paid ads to grow your account quickly.

When you have rapid growth acceleration of your videos, you might get promoted by TikTok and reach new wide audiences for extra growth.


I will be documenting my own journey on TikTok from day one. You will be able to see all my failures and successes, and follow what I did right, and where I made mistakes. See how I go from 0 followers and grow my account.


The first case study is me promoting my music on TikTok. I am not a great musician. I am just an amateur. But in the case study, I show how without an audience, I was able to get 200 views on my music on the first day by correctly finding TikTok hashtags that worked for me. And that is with literally having three followers.


If you create funny, entertaining, quick videos, TikTok can be fantastic for you. If you are trying to be serious or discuss some serious topic, this may not be the right platform for you.

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Who this course is for

  • Digital marketers
  • Business owers
  • Content creators


Course content

  • Introduction and welcome
    • Introduction and welcome
    • Explaining the accounts shown in this course
  • First TikTok marketing steps to do on day 1
    • First thing after you create your account – correctly creating a screen name
    • Importing your friends to build up an initial audience
    • What to expect when you are just starting out
  • Using TikTok hashtags
    • Using TikTok hashtags
    • Example how I find many good hashtags and use them
    • Results of posting 24 hours later – 200 views!
    • Joining TikTok challenges and trending hashtags
  • More promotion you can do on day 1
    • Networking, commenting, liking
  • Influencer marketing for TikTok what when it is too early
    • Influencer marketing for Fiverr what when it is too early
  • Making the videos
    • Stand for your phone
    • Microphones
  • Setting up the ads
    • TikTok ad account setup
    • Creating your first ad
    • Setting up an ad with the more advanced options
    • Troubleshooting
  • TikTok ad results
    • My ad results – 0.15/follower
    • Showing more results of what it took to get 1,000 followers
  • The big strategy for growth using ads
    • The big strategy for growth using ads
  • Conclusion
    • Bonus lecture


How I Got 1k Followers In 1 Day With TikTok Marketing & Ads

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