How Social Ent. NGOs & Charities Can Create Income Streams

How Social Ent. NGOs & Charities Can Create Income Streams

How Social Ent. NGOs & Charities Can Create Income Streams

Do you have just a single income from donations and grants? Would you like to create more streams of income?

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Instructor(s): Boomy Tokan

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What you’ll learn

  • How to create additional income for their social business
  • Generate useful ideas
  • Shake off stagnation
  • Become sustainable
  • Life time access to the course



  • Willingness to take action
  • Enthusiasm to learn and take action is more important than prior knowledge and experience
  • Internet connection
  • English language



Updated February 2022

If you answer to any of the above two questions is yes – then join this course. In this no-fluff actionable course I will reveal to you how you, your organization can start generating additional streams of income for your Charity, NGO, Church, or Social Enterprise.

The most distinguishable feature of a non-profit organization is rooted in its title: it does not work for profits. That is, all funds generated from the organization is directed towards the beneficiaries of their social issue focus. Non-profits are generally funded through charitable donations from companies, individuals, or even governments. Because of this, nonprofits must put a lot of their time in creating compelling reasons for donations.

Like the term non-profit, the essence of a social enterprise is based within its name itself. A social enterprise is an entrepreneurial venture that is focused on an end goal of creating a positive social and environmental change, as well as a steady revenue.A social enterprise sells a good or service that advances a social, economic, or environmental cause.

Social enterprises are structured like commercial businesses, with a business model, a consumer base, and revenue streams. These revenue streams go back into the initiatives of the enterprise (apart from the repayment to investors), creating a self-sufficiency in their operations.

I will give you ideas and suggestions that will reveal the untapped opportunities that you can use to start generating income for your organization.

What Some Of My Students Said:

5 Star Rating:

Boomy’s lectures are compact, accurate, and to the point. I learned many new ideas and concepts that will help focus my business plan and map a growth plan. The bonus lecture on cashflow forecasting is an excellent introduction for individuals new to finance. I will be taking more business planning courses from Boomy –  Andrew

This course is so focused to the point and packed with highly useful information, unlike so many other courses that beat around the bush. highly satisfied with the content – Anusha


Who this course is for

  • You want a course with No Fluff but offers Simply, Actionable Strategies; then this course is for you
  • Anyone who wants to succeed
  • Anyone willing to work hard to make their dream of growing a business come true!


Course content

  • Begin Here!
    • The Introduction
    • The Truth – The Foundation
    • Idea Generation – The 3 Ingredients You Need
  • Inome Ideas For Churches, Charities, NGOs and Social Enterprises
    • The First 5 Ideas
    • Other Ideas To Try!
    • Have You Thought About This?
  • What Next? How To Implement The Ideas
    • Heed This Warning
    • Steps For Implementation
    • Conclusion


How Social Ent. NGOs & Charities Can Create Income StreamsHow Social Ent. NGOs & Charities Can Create Income Streams

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