How to Build Neural Networks in Python

How to Build Neural Networks in Python

How to Build Neural Networks in Python

The best course to learn to build and train a Deep Neural Network (DNN) using TensorFlow & Python in 90 minutes

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What you’ll learn

  • The students will learn how a neural network works
  • They will also understand how the code machine learning algorithm in Google Colab
  • The students will be able to build and train deep neural network using TensforFlow in Python
  • The learners will be able to evaluate the performance of the network graphically



  • Basic Python



This course has been specially designed with months of research to help learners to understand how to build and train a deep neural network without any prior knowledge.  There are many learners who don’t have 8 to 9 hours of time to spend in front of the monitor learning the basics. Sometimes, we need to learn things as quickly as possible. And this is exactly what this course offers.

This course has been prepared to keep in mind that it should train the students to be 100% confident to build a neural network using TensorFlow in Python. The course starts with a comprehensive definition of Neural networks. Then it walks the learners through the origin and development of Neural networks. After that, it covers the basic working principle of a neural network. In the next lesson, this course guides the students to set up their working environment. Finally, in the last lesson, this course covers everything a student needs to learn to build and train a neural network with confidence.

The course follows the following structure:

1. Definition of Neural Network

2. Origin and Development of Neural Network

3. How Neural Network Works

4. Setting up the Working Environment

5. Building the Neural Network

These five lessons will make anyone comfortable to build and train neural networks using TensorFlow in Python.


Who this course is for

  • Whoever wants to learn to build neural network using Python


Course content

  • What is Neural Network
    • Definition of Neural Network – AI VS. ML VS. DL
  • Origin & Development of Neural Network
    • The History and Evaluation of Neural Network
  • How Neural Network Works
    • Working Principle of a Neural Network
  • Setting up the Working Environment
    • Creating the Work Environment
    • Why using Google Colab
  • How to Build a Neural Network
    • Introduction
    • Dataset Description
    • Importing the Libraries & Dataset
    • Exploring the Dataset
    • Data Processing and Visualization
    • Building the Neural Network
    • Training the Neural Network
    • Showing the Prediction Graphically
    • Showing Multiple Outputs
    • Saving and Loading the Network
  • Final test
    • Self-assessment test


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