How to create Linkedin Ads that works

How to create Linkedin Ads that works

How to create Linkedin Ads that works

Generate B2B leads without costing you an arm and a leg!

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Instructor(s): Soufiane Zahir

Last update: 2022-10-09

What you’ll learn

  • Why linkedin ads is different than Google Ads or Bing
  • How LinkedIn advertising works
  • Ad formats and targeting options
  • How to setup a campaign for B2B



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Have you been in this situation, you created some campaigns on linkedin ads, but you found out that you are not getting the results you wanted?  Even worse, you are wondering Why is LinkedIn advertising so expensive?

Well, it’s not a traditional media channel like Google Ads or Bing. LinkedIn is an exclusive network where people are looking to do business with each other. There are other rules in the LinkedIn ecosystem. In this Course i will explain to you how LinkedIn advertising works and how to plan create and optimize your campaigns for great results.

Topic in the course:

  • Why Linkedin Ads? (Basics and comparison to other channels)

  • Campaign setting and the best settings

  • Conversions tracking with google tag manager and contact form 7

  • Ad creation with canva

Don’t miss the using LinkedIn the right way and profite from all the B2B benefits:

  • Targeting with demographics worldwide

  • Customizable budgeting

  • Promoting Your Products and Services to the right audience

  • Connecting with your target audience directly – No gatekeeper -> Directly to the CEO πŸ™‚

  • Account-based marketing campaigns

  • Create a variety of LinkedIn ads almost like on facebook

  • Target Managers, directors, VPs, and C-level executives responsible for making big decisions and setting budgets

  • Targeting is precise for b2b

  • Business focused

  • Larger companies

So Let’s go and have some fun creating and testing new campaigns on LinkedIn Ads πŸ™‚


Who this course is for

  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Business Owner or SaaS
  • Marketing Manager curious about b2b Lead Generation


Course content

  • LinkedIn Ads
    • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
    • Why LinkedIn ads?
    • Ad Formats and Targeting Options
    • Campaign Setup
    • Creating an Ad with a Clear Call to Action
    • Insight Tag Implementation
    • Conversion with a thank you page
    • Conversion Events


How to create Linkedin Ads that works

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