How to FAQ the coder’s brain?

How to FAQ the coder's brain?

How to FAQ the coder’s brain?

How to become a creative coder?Learn creativity & coder’s personality. Boost creativity through sensual art& positivity.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Elena Davydkina

Last update: 2022-01-11

What you’ll learn

  • You will become aware of personality traits that help coders succeed
  • You will learn how to increase brain plasticity to become more creative
  • You will understand why merging of technology and art is important for creativity& innovation
  • You will discover the secrets of geniuses who could invent and create
  • You will boost your creativity and imagination by learning sensual art
  • You will gain ideas how to become sensual, sensitive, creative
  • You will understand why positivity actually matters for creativity
  • You will gain insight how to increase creativity through art& positivity



  • You should be flexible. You need to have a curious mind to learn about science and art.



Are you a coder? How is your personality connected with coding?

Can you become a coder having non-technical background?

What is paradigm shift?

Learn neuroplasticity for developing a creative mind.

Why do you need art to become creative?

Gain insights from merging of technology with art.

Highly sensitive people are the most passionate and creative. How to develop your sensitivity and sensuality to become more creative?

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” said Albert Einstein. Use the powerful energy of erotic art to induce creativity.

Overview of the course

This course contains 24 lectures and 1,2 hours of video with two assignments helping you increase your sensuality and creativity.

Throughout the course we will cover the personality coders have, if their brains are different and how to train them to make more creative. You will gain ideas why coding is more creating than you think. You will boost your creativity by sensual art of famous painters. You will gain insights how to become more sensitive, sensual, sexual, and  transmute this energy into creative thinking. You will come to understanding about the importance of positivity for longevity and creativity. You will feel more energized while perceiving positivity in art.  You will be able to make a difference after finishing this course.


Who this course is for

  • Coders who want to increase creativity
  • Any IT professionals who feel stuck, frustrated and need new insights
  • Engineers who want to be creative
  • Anyone who is interested how to boost creativity


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Prejudices?
  • If you want to become a creative coder, you should train your brain
    • “Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain.”
    • Can you switch between the two modes of thinking?
    • Can the duck be a rabbit?
    • Are coders’ brains different?
    • Is music processed in the same way as language?
    • Can you become a coder having non-technical background?
  • The secrets of coder’s persona
    • Positive, passionate, creative? A coder or an artist?
    • How is your personality connected with the way you code?
    • What trait mostly correlates with programming ability?
  • Coding @ Creating
    • Why coding is creative?
    • STEM& Art
    • Artist, Genius, Inventor
    • Mind-bending artworks
  • Creativity through art
    • The creative and inspirational force of art
    • Orange, purple or blue?
    • Artistic kitch of C.R.
    • Bohemian sensuality of E.L.K.
    • “To paint with the prick” or How to become sensitive, sensual, creative?
    • Escalation portfolio
  • Creativity through positivity
    • Why positivity matters?
    • Stress and creativity
    • Positivity ratio 3:1
    • Colorful joy of H.M
  • Conclusion
    • Bonus. Creativity through brain stimulation


How to FAQ the coder's brain?How to FAQ the coder's brain?

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