How to Find Your True-Self To Attract Your Ideal Partner

How to Find Your True-Self To Attract Your Ideal Partner

How to Find Your True-Self To Attract Your Ideal Partner

Discover the secret that I’ve learnt that ends suffering, ends karmic relationships and frees me to live my calling.

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Instructor(s): Ivanski Kramer

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What you’ll learn

  • Who you are at the core and what your heart wants to desire for ourselves and what our divine relationship, the one will feel like.
  • The areas of our life that we need to step into more to become more of who we are even though you feel it’s a big jump from your current reality your living.
  • How to let that old story go and know that it is not who we are even though we feel it to be so true and impossible to remove.
  • A powerful guided journey of our perfect day with the one and feeling it here and now even though we have our monkey mind getting in the way.
  • How to transform our shadows and dissolve them like smoke even though we have tried every technique under the sun to remove them.
  • How to understand that little voice in our heads and how to navigate that to be more tuned into our natural intuition.
  • The greatest secret technique to dissolve almost any argument or heated conflict in 1 min. You will have to see it to believe it.



  • An Open Mind
  • A basic understanding of spirituality



Discover how I finally ended the karmic cycle in relationships and made a quantum shift in my whole life. How I finally found myself after decades of searching and attracted that ideal lover and relationship of my wildest dreams into my life with these 4 steps.

To Manifest the One, Internally You Need to Feel Like the One! Finally, stop the endless karmic loop dead in its tracks. Release old patterns and free yourself to attract the one beyond your wildest dreams. You just need to take action and that step.

This Manifesting the One Masterclass Training is bought to you by ivanski as your guide.

These immersive sessions are fun and involve body mind and soul. You’ll explore unique powerful and practical techniques to release trauma and old energies as well as live in your true self, becoming whole and attracting that amazing relationship you’ve been yearning for.

You will gain tools you can use daily to be more present, grateful, in your heart, in your natural power, and become more of who you really are at the core.

Take control back into your life with more meaning and fun but also help in making the world a better place for all.

Life will never be the same again once you finally make that heart-felt decision that you are worthy enough to manifest that partner your heart desires.


Who this course is for

  • Someone who is at a crossroads in life and needs clarity
  • Someone who is feeling lost and unfulfilled in life
  • Someone who is looking at attracting love into their life
  • Someone who is wanting to heal trauma and start a new chapter in their life
  • Someone who wants to know themselves on a deeper level and connect to their passions


Course content

  • Step 1 – Let Go
    • Part 1 – Overview of what we will cover in step 1 on letting let go
    • Part 2 – Discover how you are not your story, how to release it.
    • Part 3 – Understanding how we need to feel safe to let go and more…
    • Part 4 – How to drop the old outdated stories and step into the new you.
    • Part 5 – Having good habits to keep you on track
    • PArt 6 – Summary and overview of what we covered in step on letting go.
    • Part 1 – Overview of how to find yourself
    • Part 2 – The heart, mind, and higher self-connection
    • Part 3- Guided visualisation and journey into finding yourself again
    • Part 1 – Overview of that we cover in step 3, visualise it.
    • Part 2 – Getting clear on your calling and your ideal partner.
    • Part 3 – Fun guided journey into how it would feel like having your ideal lover
    • Part 4 – Overview of what we covered in step 3, visualise it.
    • Part 1 – Overview and how it’s about the process not the goal.
    • Part 2 – How our state is so important in a healthy relationship
    • Part 3 – How to go from anger to love in 30 sec flat.
    • Part 4 – Remember to act on your highest excitement in every moment.
    • Part 5 – Overview of what we covered in step 3, visualise it.


How to Find Your True-Self To Attract Your Ideal PartnerHow to Find Your True-Self To Attract Your Ideal Partner


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